Married quarters at hounslow

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by kara_louise, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. My husband is with the Royal Fusiliers and we are to be posted to
    Married quarters in Hounslow........Anyone here know what they are like..We have a daughter who is nearly two and whilst my husband tells me to stop worrying i cant help but be concerned.
    I shouldnt have looked on the internet lol......kara
  2. No idea what the accomodation is like, but I know a great curry house there if you like that sort of thing. Great curry, and cheap as chips.
  3. mmmmmmmm I wont go hungry then lol
  4. Have you tried posting on Rear Party Kara?
  5. hi ,i just found it and will post ther as well.thankyou for your advise.kara
  6. I know Lefty was at Hounslow for a while, will ask him to post if he was married then.
  7. Thankyou.........Thats why i love this site!!! Kara
  8. Long time back I was there most of the married pads were at Winsor ?
  9. Not posted there but was born in the Hounslow area - not as a pad brat though. Spent a month at Cavalry Bks in '89, (not really a posting as such) doing PD at the Tower of London, so that some Jock guards could go swanning off on AT. Cunts still owe me a tenner though....