Married Quarters and Guaranteed March Out

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Jimima_Shark, May 17, 2007.

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  1. OK Chaps and Chappesses, what state should you leave your quarter in before you hand your keys over to the guaranteed march out guys?

    I am in the middle of prepping for the movers to turn up tomorrow and the house looks like shit! Dust, dog hair and crap all over the carpets, a kitchen until yesterday was gleaming but now looks like the downtown kebab shop. If I just walked away after everything had been removed I would feel very wrong, but then what else would I pay all that money for.

    Thoughts anyone?
  2. I'd give it a quick hoover and wipe down, but dont go mad... as you say you're paying for THEM to do it. I think there is a certain standard it has to be before the cleaners will start, but not sure what the specifics of that are. Can you give the housing guys a call to check? Or the FO might know...
  3. I wouldn't mind, but whatever state you leave the quarter in it's almost a dead cert that you will take over a midden with a hayfield for a garden at the new posting.
    So - let someone else takle the strain and save your energy for the new MQ. Chances are you'll need it.
  4. personally i would leave it in a state that I would be happy to move into. Blow paying someone else to do a really crap job...with a little planning it is an easy thing to someone my arrse.......more money than sense you have Shark
  5. I wish that they had the cleaners when I was Marching Out. After coming home night after night and packing everything that you think that you will not need for several months into the wooden MFO boxes (remember the tiny screws?). Then the screaming kids because you had packed the favourite toy and finally trying to convince the ASA and new tennant that no one had lived there for the last 2 years.( God bless toothpaste to fill those holes where the pictures had been). While outside waiting in the overloaded car are the frau and kinders ready to wait, outside again, while you take over your new abode, that will of course be of a high standard. Ah, happy days (they are now that they are over). Move out and move on mate, what you pay them is probably what you would have had to pay for that Magic "stained" Carpet !!
  6. On my first march out I naievely left my husband to do the 'Pre-march out meeting thingy.' The woman managed to persuade him in to hiring their cleaners for the guaranteed march out. I ended up cleaning the house from top to bottom anyway(I was young and didn't know what the score was), the cleaners must have thought it was christmas!!

    IMHO paying someone to do it is a waste of money (Although we don't have any kids which might make it more difficult.). Any half decent person isn't going to leave their house in a state and the standards aren't exactly that high.

    If you've already payed my advice would be to leave it in a reasonable hygenic state. I think the ovens the main thing. Make sure it's immaculate.

    On another note on our last march out we had our stuff moved a week before we left the camp and dossed down on the floor of the old house which made everything a lot easier. By the time the day of the march out had come our new house was up and running and we could relax.

    I recently found out that you and your family (Even pets) are entitled to claim 1 night in a hotel depending on where your next house is, worth knowing I thought.
  7. You can claim more than that, if moving in UK three nights in a hotel, recently did one night in old MQ and two down at new place. Do it with central bookings and get it back with receipts plus your daily meal rate of up to £21 each a night with reciepts( and kids element)

    When I moved from Cyprus and Germany you can get up to fiv days in a hotel (Cyprus changed a bit now though Im led to believe as its flight out and they clean it :?

    Have used the cleaning thing a few times but got to admit MRS_IRON does a grand job and the place is nearly as good as a proper march out, so easy money to the cleaners. It does suprise me though after all the effort how sh*t and unclean your new MQ is :evil:
    If you get the cleaners though as long as there isnt large bulky items and food etc they do the rest.
  8. I would pesonally leave your quater as you found it .
  9. On the last march out make sure it is on the day you leave the Army. Then you can take away all the stuff they try to bill you for (stained matress etc.) After which you can request that they pursue you through the courts to get the stuff back. Most housing officers haven't the intel to challenge you and can only quote in-service regulations which by now to you are non applicable.
    Worked for me anyway.
  10. Just a quick query when I rang up DHE last week to book my pre-march out they told me that the contract cleaners where no more, and you had to do it your self anyone know any different for the warminster/tidworth area.
  11. On my move from BFG to the UK, we found out that they were renovating the kitchens and were binning the cookers and fridges, but they still had to be immaculate. Next thing, we were told that we could buy the cooker and fridge, job done, fridge went to the UK and the cooker went into the nearest skip.
  12. dont have to wait till its your last march out to take items away.
    they were going to bill me for a hole to rear of door - which was there when we moved in and placed on paperwork that you have to give in. (description on paper work done by Mrs coffeecream said hole 5p size when it was more like half the door caved in, in the middle of the door). housing guy said they would need to replace the whole door so i turned to mrs coffeecream and said get the screwdriver we will take the door with us. guy looked at me and said you serious " yeah your billing me for one so im taking it " said I.

    guess what didn't bill me for door for some reason.

    if using cleaners - dont take the housing guys quote - speak to the cleaners if you can and try to get them in the day before and surprise surprise they charge less that he does.
  13. More money than sense? That's what disturbance allowance is for surely??

    I'd just do a surface clean, hover and then leave it to them!!
  14. Always cleaned the house myself - saves spendin a couple of hundred pounds. The mug who lived in my current abode before me paid for a guaranteed march out....and they did'nt do it. When I walked in it was a mess. Got it on the docs that the house was filthy and now I don't have to clean it when I leave it.

    Good drills by the bloke who was gonna take his back door with him. A mate threatened to rip up his front room carpet when they were going to bill him. They let it go as well.