Married Quarter entitlement

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by superally, Apr 27, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone, im a newbie to the site. Just separated from my wife and she has taken our child with her to stay in her own gaff. Am I still entitled to live in my quarter even though we are getting a divorce and I will see the child only on school holidays?

    Can I get a missappropriated quarter as I dont want to get put back in the mess as I have all our furniture and also have a dog?
  2. If you get joint and equal rights of custody of the child then yes, you can keep a quarter. And that can mean only seeing the child at school holidays. Best thing to do is see the Unit Welfare Officer who should be able to advise you fully.
  3. Don't forget that finalising the equal/joint custody of a child may take a while (subject to individual circumstances) & hopefully you'll have an understanding & realistic/pragmatic MQ HO staff in dealing with your situation as not all are willing to be as flexible in length of time,

    I know one collegue who kept his MQ for 18 months before having to march out, I'm unsure what the time frames allowed for these processes.
  4. You need to talk to your RAO asp as you will have to change your Personal Status (PStat). Depending on what PStat you move to will depend on whether you are eligible for an MQ normally only those in PStat 1 & 2 have the right to an MQ and looking at your circumstances I think you may well be PStat 3 or 4 in which case you will have to ask whether you can have a surplus MQ otherwise you will be returned to the Mess/Block.
  5. cant i just apply for sssa as one of the singlies that works here has got it, or would that drop him in the brown stuff if there were rooms in the mess?
  6. If you do it legit, you may well have an entitlement to a proper house rather than hoping the Mess is empty and getting SSSA.
  7. and how would i get that? ive just found out the mess is empty and the clerks are now looking in to getting the singlie kicked out his sssa in 40 days, all because of this..surely that cant be right? feel like ive done him over?
  8. either you're not telling the whole story or your RAO is a bit of a biff. Under the HRA you are entitled to a family life so unless your wife is refusing you access to the child therefore negating joint custody you are entitled to a qtr. Lord knows there are enough single parents at this unit who only see there kids at holiday times. And even if you dont get joint custody or the other half fights it you still get 93 days to vacate the qtr.
  9. AOS where do you get your information from? JSP 752 is very strict on the definition of PStat 2 and you have to be PStat 1 or 2 to be entitled to an MQ. He would have to be the Prime Mover in the child's life and the wife would have to have less than 56 days access.
  10. But of course why should he still have SSSA when appropriate accommodation is available?
    He might not appreciate it if he thinks it is because of you.

    Property costs money whether its SFA or rented, and if costs are being incurred when money if being grabbed from elsewhere someone should deal with it.