Married Quarter Cleaning Service

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by regular_imbiber, Oct 5, 2011.

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  1. If anyone knows a bigger rip-off and moneymaking scheme please let me know. Prices range from €149 through to €425 here in Germany depending on SFA size but for me the only thing you're paying for is no hassle from some tool of a Housing Estate Manager.

    These clowns (from all Arms and Services) wield their power disproportionately as they stand in judgement of people's living standards. I've personally seen one of them reduce a woman to tears as she was told her "house was not up to the required standard" (despite the fact it was like a show-home) when everyone knew the reason was that the bloke hated her husband simply because he was an RMP. Pathetic.

    But I digress,back to MQCS; how many times have people attempted to march in only to find a filthy quarter that has been subjected to MQCS? Who holds them and their "service" to account? It's unbelievable in this day and age but it seems to me its one of those things Forces families have to put up with as it's become simply accepted.
    As I say it boils down to a question of do you want mucked about by an ex-Gunner or PTI who might have an agenda against your capbadge or do you write off the above fees from your Disturbance Allowance and get the hell out of Dodge?
  2. Next you'll be telling us the Housing Estate Manager's wife runs the cleaning service.

    I have wondered though just how come so many pads manage to move into a shithole of a quarter, its almost as if the cleaning service don't bother doing anything, the housing officer signs it off and a young family have to clean up the shit when they move in.
  3. sort of, the actual obligations are you get it to mqcs standard and then the cleaners can clean it to the reequired standard, in uk its now done ahead of hte marchout, the cleaners then attend and are told to rectify any problems, but hte quarter might then be mepty for anything up to 12 months while it gets its time based maint (walls painted carpets replaced etc) by which time it will be pretty boggin, other places yu get it to the standard pay and they are meant ot clean it days aheard of the next occupant, some things do inevitably end up bogging and uncleaned when allocation mistakes are made or the board isnt used, the computerised system of managment is meant ot alleviate thease problems but lazy or clueless oporators mess it up on a regular basis.

    and in some cases the estate managers familly wil be part of the cleaning service local managment team, alhtough wiht hte new contract system this disparity is meant to be getting phased out
  4. I've always used their services in the past. Simply because it makes the hand back process so much easier. But sometimes you do wonder what they actually do. I always like to hide a poo somewhere in the house so the new owners find it. That's really sticking it to 'the man'.
  5. We pay and leave, after that, what can we do? We don't pay you get fucked around however our regt 2ic has sparked a storm as he refused to pay for deep cleaning of the carpets as he has a carpet cleaner, now I was told tough shit you have pets you all pay, now the 2ic has point blank refused and eventually was told to get some fluid from the regt qm's and it was all over. Well I'm going to try this when I go so we shall see!
  6. Best of luck mate, its a ******* racket as far as I can make out.
  7. One of the biggest scams going mate. They've been at it for years and it's long overdue being investigated. Try getting an answer from your SSO. Never saw so much ducking and diving since Mohammed Ali battered Joe Bugner. Where does the money go to is a good one to get in mid 'one way conversation'. Be prepared for phone calls to your OC/CO after you've left the SSO as well. They don't like people asking too many questions...or any questions as far as cleaning goes.
  8. An empty house doesn't end up bogging. It ends up a bit dusty (maybe) and that's about it. I'd kill to, just for once, move into a house that was just a bit dusty. It would make a welcome change from having to stop the wife from crying as I move her into yet another slum that would shame the average Rio favella.
  9. The only other way you could do it is set fire to your house when you've moved all your things out. Then just blame the local undesirables. Let the fire really take hold before phoning for the fire brigade.
  10. They do. In particularly where they have stood empty and unclean for a period of time. We assume that when we pay, the quarter will be cleaned shortly after our departure. This isn't the case. You pay, you leave and the cleaning does not take place until the next occupant is about to move in. That could be months later during which time, the smell/dirt left by the previous occupant begins to fester. If it is cleaned (they often aren't), it will be a cursory run around and then out the door. As the new occupant, you will have to clean it before moving in.
  11. wish somebody would clean my pad oh I forgot I am no longer in the services and I have to do it myself, come to think of it I had to do it myself when in the services. Come on now folks wake up nobody looks after Number 1 only you so get cleaning, "you're in the army now" (Status Quo !!!!!). Civvie street awaits you on draw down and redundancy, believe me just been told Army Recruitment Office in Cardiff closing down by the end of the year, it may move into Maindy Barracks but not certain.
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  12. No you didn't have to, you could have paid cleaners which is what the thread is about. The thread title of 'Married Quarter Cleaning Service' should have given it away even without reading the first post.
  13. the last one we were issued with had been empty for 9 months, the place was still being cleaned on the day we moved in (we got lucky i signed for it on a take over vist to the unit a week before actual move date) but on the takeover it was covered in rat shit, had grease marks showing there run routes all along the edge of the building and before i signed for it i made the estate manager get rentokil out to start fumigation.

    now i know thats not exactly normal but the place was clearly a bio hazard and i wasnt in a great rush to move in, that and there were no other empty quarters of the correct size.

    i know from the paperwork that the previous occupant had paid for mqcs but clearly that hadnt been actioned due to the still evident food splaters all over the walls in the kitchen, if i could of delayed my move for a month and taken a differnt quater i would have, but i couldnt so i was forced ot rely on no more gaps and other less simple methods to fill in the various entry points throught the property for rodents, that did of course have the added side effect of removing most of the drafts although due to the paper thin construction did **** all to improve insulation from the cold.

    mqcs has changed and evolved a lot since it started, personally i used it on my final move because i didnt have the time inclination or physical ability to try doing the job myself, i did note that the price for the service was a lot lower than on prior moves (uk move cost less than£200 for a full service on a 4bed) but that diffeent areas had different priced schemes that operated to a greater or lesser degree, then again a lot of people prefer to use an aproved private firm and indeed it was touted that there often cheaper and more reliable than MQCS contracted company.

    personally i would like ot see the scheme in every area run at the same rate and standard instead of randomly good and normally overpriced bollocks, but then i no longer have the problem so i'm looking back fro ma point of view based around having moved more than 15 times with my family (not including the initial move in)
  14. Nano's post said that the cleaners will clean and then the house will be empty though. Which should mean that there is nothing to fester. Considering how much we pay the lazy twats (£350 the last time I moved, I think) the house should be cleaned within a few days of moving out not left to be rushed round just before someone else moves in!
  15. I have a suspicion you will be lucky if even that happens. People have move into a quarter and have literally had to force the door over half a rainforest of junk mail and leaflets.