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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by watertight, May 5, 2005.

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  1. My mate is currently breaking up with his Mrs. Would appreciate any advice from anyone who has been in a similar situation or know the rules. Bit complicated in the sense that he has a child from a previous marriage and she has one from a previous relationship. Quite conveniently having found a posting near to her parents like she whinged for she has asked him to leave and is refusing to budge from the quarter as she has nowhere else to live. Now he has the responsibility of being a single parent but has been told the following

    He needs to get out of a volatile atmosphere. He cannot have 2 quarters on the go at the same time? I understand that in these cases there is a certain amount of time a spouse can stay there before they become an illegal occupant, is it 60 days (the breakup is just over a week old so some time to go yet)? Does he have to wait until this passes before he can be housed with his daughter? What can he do in the meantime?

    In advice, cheers for any advice I can pass on.
  2. Not too sure what he can do, as you said it is only a week. If the seperation is going to be permanent, I suggest he asks for a posting to a different location and as a single parent he will be entitled to a quarter. I believe his wife will be allowed to stay in the quarter for 90 days. I am probably wrong, but I am sure someone here will be able to advise him. A very sticky and awkward case though.
  3. Sorry, I was not entirely clear. Whilst it has only become final for a week it has been brewing for months, it is a no going back situation. I do remember my own ex wife spending well over a year in the quarter once I left but I wasn't paying for it all the time. It was too long ago to recall how long I did pay for it though.
  4. She ought to bear in mind that if he logs a permanent separation with the Admin Office and moves into unit lines, she gets 1 month to move out of the SFA (he still gets billed for the rent but has grounds to claim the money back in settlement).

    Once she's gone, he can - if he is primary carer for his biological child - apply for a new SFA as a single parent.

  5. The procedure in cases of marital breakdown and the subsequent repossession of the married quarter is quite detailed, but is briefly summarised below:

    The Commanding Officer may authorise a "cooling off" period of up to 3 months in order to effect a reconciliation, during which time the soldier would move into single accommodation but continue to pay married quarter charges for the family.
    If reconciliation is not feasible the soldier is required to change his marital status (maristat) by signing the form AFO 1700. The family may remain in the SFA for a period of up to 93 days "use and occupation", with SFA charges being paid by the soldier.
    At the commencement of the 93 day period, the non-Service spouse will be issued with a Notice to Vacate notification. This notifies the non-Service spouse of the DHE’s intention to take steps to repossess the property after 93 days and that if he/she remains in the property he/she will become classified as an Irregular Occupant and liable to charges at market rate, known as "Damages for Trespass". The Notice to Vacate may also be used by the non-Service spouse to inform the Local Authority where he/she wished to settle of their impending homelessness.

    more herearmy web site
  6. Many thanks for the detailed advice but in this case there is a need for a break but he cannot be expected to move into single accom as he has his own kid. Trust me, they wont last 93 days! Can he ask for a quarter in the interim?
  7. Cheers for that mate, they do have a welfare house but it is more known as a contact house for weekend dads. It's a road away from me in fact and it is an asset most of the lads welcome and I wonder what singlies either in SSA or a Mess done beforehand. At the risk of giving my id away I would put him up but they live next door so not a solution. That said, its the quicker and more permanent solution i.e. get the kid settled, avoid different surroundings. Again cheers for the advice, him and me go back a long way, I am godfather etc etc and he's at a shi**y low, even beer isn't helping
  8. 23C

    23C Clanker

    I have been close to this situation in the past...but i kicked her out and her 'round' kid before she got her claws in...

    anyway enough of that. Try asking the people at they have helped me in the past and if you need info of this type you will get it there.

    Good Luck and make sure his kid is ok.

  9. SSAFA came in bloody handy for me, got me out of the singlies block and into a quarter so I could have my kids . Hell thats a few years ago now . Good luck to your mate
  10. AWS straight feckin around. Your mate has a legal obligation to his child; reckognised a secondary obligation to his wife but if legally he has custody of his child and is not recognised as responsible for the other parties offspring then they can feck off!

    That deals with your immediate for timlines if she ain't serving then she ain't staying beyond 90 days! After a period she will pay the going rental for a similiar type home in her/his area. Application for eviction will be granted and Mrs wil be out of a home as afr as the Army's concerned. Any adverse tenat history will be recognised.
  11. Letterwritingman- spot on advice!
    Watertight,take this advice,do not feck about, fully appreciate your mate is way down but you got to grip him in these matters. Have personally been led to the brink by the C contin S sheetbags A winkpots in the past. Anyone needing ahem"practical" advice with these scum please feel free to PM.
    WT, hopefully in a few months your mate will be chucklin about this, takes time but can happen!!
  12. AWS are fcukin on the ball. He is in a quarter now, alone with his kid. I was there with him last night having a beer when he started bloody bubbling again. Felt bloody sorry for him when he said it was just through pure relief but we started chucklin afterwards. Whilst humour is the main feature it is good to know that people on this site take time out to offer advice. Thanks to you all!
  13. Slightly off topic - but I would welcome any advice. My neighbour has separated from his wife. He has moved back into the block ( last Xmas) and she is now an irregular occupant. Her garden( among other problems) is a mess - last count there were 12 black bags of rubbish piled up in the garden stinking and I'm worrried about rats and flies as we are coming up to the summer. I've been to the DHE and they've told me basically tuff siht as she has been served all the necessary admin and refuses to move. they have said that it will be at least another 3 months before they can send in the bailiff. mean while The slapper next door has a boy friend from the block - and I'm sure there is something in QRs/Orders that stops singlies from visiting MQs - my wife has fcuked off to her mothers because she can't stand the hassel and I'm left in the quarter having to put up with what is a civi bird taking the piss at the system - anybody what the fcuk can I do?
  14. why dont you pop round and ask her if she wants a hand taking it to the local tip, maybe she'll take a hint

    Maybe she's just anti army and is doing it to piss the neighbours off
  15. TSARs (the rules for MQs) strictly forbid co-habitation, have a quiet word with DHE :wink: