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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by lfc2001, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. I'm getting married next year and have been told by a friend i will get an increase in pay. Is this just for overseas postings or does it apply to uk as well?
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    I think someone is pulling your chain. It used to be the case years ago that married people got a tax break, but that's all stopped. I think that ended about the same time as MIRAS.
    You may end up getting working families tax credit if your joint household income is below a certain amount and you have any jam eaters, but other than that you'll get feck all that you're not getting now.
  3. unless you are entitled to Local overseas allowance (when you are overseas), may go up when you are married.
  4. Cheers. Was looking for some info for age but couldn't find any. Is there any way of finding out how much the rent would be in a married quarter?
  5. Rent differs on location, I was in a 3 bed house in Germany paying £170 a month but out here in Cyprus I'm paying £225 per month.

    If your serving overseas you'll get more LOA than your singley counterparts and a bit more if you have kids.

    Incidently I get £1475 LOA per month with 2 kids out here. It all means nowt though as your misses will spend it all anyway. :)
  6. Google is your friend...

    You haven't told us to which theatre you are posted but the rates for MSQs are the same.

    LOA rates are published locally.

  7. Yes, you could try askingin the Admin Office, surely someone must know how much they are, adn they only change once a year :D