Married - Ok marks out of 10 for the wife

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by old_bloke, May 14, 2008.

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  1. 14 demerits and seven merits, so that puts me on -7, time to go sunray down me thinks
  2. I'll hold my hand up to being thicker than a whale's foreskin, but how is it possible to score anything more than 25 max?
  3. Only one page of a multi part test!
  4. Dates available here, and some women too !

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  5. Just sh!tcanned mine so zero points.
  6. I scored myself and had 6 demerits and 15 merits on that page of the test, the demerits for tardiness and the cold feet thing! I'm sorry but it just HAS to be done, also with cold hands, boobs, arrse etc. Whats the point of a husband if he isn't prepared to be a hot water bottle at bed time?
    Hmmmmmmmmmmm, i suppose some of them have other purposes!
    Think i need to see the husband test and see how mine performs! Or maybe that would be depressing reading! :roll: :wink:
  7. shi ite want all of them. but then after a bottle of bo jo jolis for brekkers
    on ones day off who cares who wins. listen to radio 7