married living in block

Discussion in 'RLC' started by werespid, Dec 2, 2009.

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  1. anyone help ????

    due to be posted next week but due to housing issues will not be moving to MQ until middle of january 2010.
    am i entitled to any claims for been seperated from family as they will be staying in current mq until other one is available.

    any help in this would be great so i know what im am talking about when i get to my new unit the distance from my current mq to my new job is 400 miles
  2. Good point. Get a HEP B jab before you move in!
  3. Don't be ridiculous it's a 6 month course of jabs for Hep B, nothing like leaving your admin until the last minute. Gonna have to make do with a tetanus, and run the gauntlet.

    You can claim GYH (something or other) and at the current speed of JPA pay adjustments you'll actually get paid it in April and it will continue to be paid to you until next December when they will then start the recovery of the money, in the one month of the year when you need it most.

    Before anyone starts on about you shouldn't have spent the money, you knew you would have to pay it back etc. I didn't .............she did!!