Married & In too

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by NikkiS, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. Hiya All,

    I don't know whether you can help me but does anyone know what happens about postings if you are both in??


  2. You mean both yourself and your husband/wife is training same place same time :D haha nice timing,

    to answer your question theres not much you can do about living together etc until you both make your regiment, then you can apply for a married quarters which costs extra but compared to renting or buying a place out in civvy street is uncomparable,

    Good luck to both of you in your army career :)

  3. The needs of the service come first, family a close second (according to the MCM Div mission statement).

    Both me and my wife are serving, we have never been posted to the same unit but MCM Div have always tried to put us both in the same geographical area. Except for when I was in Camberley and she was in Portsmouth, our quarter was in Pompey and the commute every day was a complete pain in the backside.
    The RSPOD paid for the petrol but the cost of frequent changing of tyres and the car servicing which came round quicker than the norm came out of my pocket.

    As for operational tours, we have never been deployed to the same theatre together, but we have been deployed on different ops at the same time (which wasnt too bad especially if you can manage R&R at the same time) and on 2 occassions her unit replaced mine (which was a nightmare as youll see each other for 2 weeks R&R in each of the 6 months).

    Its a great life, especially when you move up the ranks and into the messes.
  4. Tell us Glenn - what did you do in the Army previously? You seem to have some pretty good experiences.
  5. Hi thanks for your help.
    No he is already in has been for 5 yrs, I am gettin fed up of being left at home while he does course after course or piss up! I need my own life too and although TA is still an option I went in before and got quite p'd off with people that thought of it as a hobby!
  6. Dont believe that just because you have the same capbadge that youll necessarily get posted together either.
    What are you thinking of joining?

  7. Judging by his posts, he is CO ATR Bassingbourn.

    britarmy1, whats your history? And if you are currently in phase 1 training, how come you have so much internet time?