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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by ghostmice, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. I'm currently looking into applying for either army or raf but my fiancee is in the raf but her job is tri-force. If i was to go for army will they take us being married into consideration when being posted. I'm probably gonna be told to man it up now :D but i want to go what is best for me and I'm fully aware that we are going to be spending allot of time apart wether i go for army, raf or was to simply follow her around as a civvy (which is not an option).

    Thanks for any help.
  2. Your chances of being posted together are far better if you are both in the same Service. You would also have to chose a trade or discipline where you have a likelihood of serving together. That being said you are likely to be separated for ops tours, trade training, promotion courses etc so you still may not get the chance to serve together all the time. Sometimes you may even find yourselves on different bases that are geographically near to each other so one or both of you will have a bit of a commute.
    My advice though, for what it's worth, is try to forge your own career first. Be posted together if you can but don't let your own career suffer for the want of a little separation, there's always the weekend to make up time together.
  3. be a civvy

    All those lonely wives on a coffee morning

    daytime tv and for what?

    a bit of cleaning and cooking, gets my vote
  4. I am RAF my husband is Army. Im out of the RAF in one month as we hardly got to see each other. Co-location doesn't really happen anymore unless have have children and can put a good case forward. We have tried to make it work with us being in seperate forces but it just wasn't going to happen.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Dolly86, How long have you both served and what trade was you both doing. She does intelligence which is tri force so she could be posted in an army base and i know ICT in the raf is tri force but not sure about army. Im thinking of going for army anyway because the trade is closed for 6 months in the raf and then ive got selection which could take 18 months and then there's a year waiting list for trade training or so i have been told and then i will have 15 months training. We might not spend allot of time together for her 9 years service if i go army but i would rather go army and get my career going as soon as possible and worry about our lives together after because i know we will both wait.
  6. Yes her trade is tri-service however there arent that many units that operate as a tri-service environment and its quite likely that she will end up stuck on TIW at RAF Marham (if she's image int anayway). I'm a medic so there is one of them needed at most RAF Stations my husband is SPS so there is one of them on nearly every Army unit yet the closest they could manage to get us would have been 5 hours apart which is pants considering there are with two RAF Stations within 40 minutes, 4 within 1.5 hours all with medic posts, but if everyone got to go where they wanted then people would be moving all the time and that would be daft.
    I have been in the RAF 6 years, Mr D has been in 5 years had a break for a year then rejoined a year(ish) ago.
    Who told you RAF ICT was tri-service? It isn't. There are very few Tri or dual service units, receiving tri-service training and actually being posted to a tri-service environment are two very different things.

    Basically there are no gaurantees, i have friends that are married, in the same service working in the same office and I have friends who are married who aren't even in the same country, make of that what you will.
  7. Thanks for the info. She's int an voice and im also looking at electronic warfare sys op which work along side each other. I know there's no guarantee and that we could end up in different countries, even if we where serving in the same force. And im just looking at the chances of us being posted at the same base but also in commuting distance.I'm just trying to figure out if the chances are greatly lowered by being in separate forces.

    I think its something I'm going to have to just go for and hope for the best as i also want my own career. Even if it meant only seeing her weekends i suppose its better than nothing.

  9. Equality is here! Be a kept man, be a house hubby :D