Married gents, I need your help!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Corporal, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. Mrs. Corporal asks, "Want to watch a movie now?"
    Corporal answers, "No, thanks."

    Five minutes later:
    Mrs. Corporal asks, "Want to watch a movie now?"
    Corporal answers, "No, thanks."

    Five minutes later:
    Mrs. Corporal asks, "Want to watch a movie now?"

    Why do women get so f*ckin' stupid after you marry them?

    Serious replies only, please. :D
  2. Sounds like you married a goldfish :D
  3. Because as soon as they get their ring on that finger they have the majority of their brain removed, the part they say's "do you have to go on exercise? or does a scale A parade mean you have to go.

    The part that is left only exists to nag the living crap out of u, like on return from a six month tour child misbehaves automatically it's your fault.

    It's our own fault though we think they won't change yet they do.

    God i wish i was single.
  4. Thats what you get for marrying your older sister
  5. I apologise for the chav speak right now will beat myself later on
  6. But she gives a great nosh! :wink:

    That's another thing! Why does the oral sex go away when they get a ring on their finger? :( :?
  7. I am so in trouble if I attempt to answer this .......... but ...........

    the wedding ring must be impregnated with the same ingredient as wedding cake - bromide (or similar). Sex drive suppressant - kills it stone dead.

    Only kidding darling - honest!!
  8. What was the alternative to watching the movie ?? women are devious creatures so there must have been an alterior motive somewhere
  9. Osacin, simple, I know what you mean about ulterior motive, it would no way of been upstairs early action, I would put a quid or two on somethin like washin up 9so I don't have to do it in the mornin) or at this festive time of year gettin covered in rockwool in the loft gettin crimbo decorations out lol. Has to be some shit reason.

  10. Rockwool !!!! A mate of mine was getting grief while laying in bed with his missus about geting the crimbo decs down. It ended up a full blown hum dinger when he said "FCUK IT !!! I,ll get them down now " 10mins scrambling in the loft naked resulted in a foreskin full of rockwool and a visit to A&E . The poor b@stard had scratched his old chap to ribbons. Aparently it still stung when he took a wazz for 3 months afterwards !!!!!. He also looked a tw@t walking like John Wayne across the bar !!!

    Regards LT.
  11. The chances are there was a very girly, tear jerker on the telly or a horrer that she wanted to watch but needed her man to be there so she had someone to cuddle!!!!!!! Either that or she was sick to death of watching football and was thinking of slashing her wrists but thought a movie might prevent the blood flow. Next time say yes babe!!!! and check the results.
  12. You're lucky she asked. Mrs Biscuits has full control of the flicker, when Biccies Jnr doesn't have it. :x
  13. Could very well be that she had a porno movie in mind. :roll:
  14. You are single arnt you?

  15. Good God, man! I don't know about a thumb-print on your head, you must have a proper indentation in your skull!! Assert yourself, before you start having sand kicked in your face by 5 year-old girls and grannies!!! :p