Married but in different services??

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Killer_Bees, Jun 19, 2010.

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  1. Hi,

    Can anyone lend any advice on what measures and comprimises are availible to married couples that serve in different branches of the armed forces? For example my wife is currently serving in the army (RMP) and I am applying to join the Royal Marines.

    Thanks for any help.

    Would it be any different if I were to join the Army instead?
  2. Don't expect to see each other much!
  3. yep, that's about it. Please don't moan about it in a few months /years time on here when your lives don't synchronise and it's all someone else fault.
  4. Orite with the condescending responses....... CORRRRR!

    I realise that we wont see each other much, I was just asking what the army does for married couples. I have no intention of blaming the results of my actions on others.
  5. they do bugger all for married couples, they will "try" to get you posted close to each other but thats just crap. The nearest I got to my hubby was 3 hours away. and just as we get that close, he goes and get posted to another country!
  6. Sounds about right, thanks
  7. How would you know if you're not even in yet?
  8. Ever considered that maybe that's what he wanted?
  9. Was in the TA for 3 years, I get the jist
  10. I doubt you do. Have you never considered asking your wife what the score is?
  11. Well I did consider it, every time I got posted anywhere near, he got posted elsewhere. Can't get rid of me now though :lol:
  12. Mate sort your life out I was just asking a simple question when I started this thread, yes I've asked her, she's at P2 and isn't really in a position to be quizing her staff.
  13. If you want a row go to the NAAFI
  14. Sort my life out? F*ck me mate, that's a bit rich coming from some nugget who doesn't understand that by joining the Navy he's unlikely to be posted anywhere near his wife who's joined the Army. Maybe if you'd sorted your life out at the start of your relationship you wouldn't be f*cked for an answer right now.
  15. yeah like I said it was a simple question that I didn't expect smart arrse comments from. The start of my relationship was six years ago and I didn't have a crystal ball to hand back then. i know its unlikely I was just trying to get a bit of background info and make an informed decision as to what service to join. So yeah sort it out, It hardly deserved a ribbing.