Married After Basic

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by mark10120, Nov 28, 2010.

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  1. Hi im getting a bit nervous now as im off to basic soon and worrying because me and my fiancee were getting married on the 6th of augist but i dont come back from basic till the 7th i have been told that i wont get leave to get married until i have passed out is this true and if so after phase 1 will i be able to get married then. how long after can i do this and if i can get married before hand on our original date hope yopu can help as this is my first time using this and as i say getting a bit nervous about basic
    Many thanks
  2. Seriously you've got no chance. But speak to your recruiter. He'll tell you exactly the same though. So your options will be delay basic or bin her/delay the wedding.
  3. what he said seriously no chance of any leave till pass out parade oh and then you will need permission from your oc as thats the way its done in the army.
  4. you usually get a bit of leave someway through basic training, i know this wont really help you out though. like ironrations and firthy said you wont get the time off for it.when in you do need to ask permission to marry (bit old fashioned i know) but its never really knocked back unless she's got a brother in the taliban :) dont worry about basic, its great fun when you look back.
  5. hi thanks for the replys i have now postponed it till after basic its now the wednesday after i pass out and thanks for the hints about basic really getting my head round it now
  6. Be very careful getting married at such an early point in yer career. Read some of the posts on this site so you can learn what is expected of a young soldiers wife. Whatever you do , dont let her near the camp if you are in recruit training because the training staff will see her as a perk of the job.