married accom whilst at RMAS



Can someone help with a question i have from a friend (well, second cousin) of mine..

Are you entitled to married accomodation as an officer cadet at RMAS?

My husband and I weren't when he was at Lympstone but was just wondering if it was any different for Sandhurst..

They're getting married at Easter and as she's based way up North it might help if they got quarters..Her other half has asked someone at RMAS and been sent a letter saying he can apply in his second term but then the brochure stuff he's got says they can' a bit confusing. Also, someone else he spoke to told him not to bother as the MQ's they would get would be pretty shabby..

Any info really appreciated


No youre not, what happens if he fails?
There are no officer quarters (except for the very big wigs) inside the wire and all the officer quarters on the outside house Platoon Commanders etc.. Im sure they would love to have a cadet and his family to live next door!

Other ranks have to wait til they have completed training to be entitled to a quarter as well.

Goopd luck though.

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