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Marriage now what the fuck is that all about.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by EAGLE1, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. Having been engaged four times and married once, I cannot help but wonder what is the fucking point in this ceremony of pretence anyway.

    Modern times and the feminist movement are all proving that this act of obtaining a piece of paper is now becoming 'a thing of the past'.
    'Why bother' because in my experience the woman gets the kids after any split and you get fuck all. The judge thinks you are a cunt and the bitch who once professed her undying love for you would now like to boil your bollocks and use your dick as a speed ramp.

    You divorce her and then you become the scum of the earth. Don't get me wrong divorcing my ex-wife was better than any orgasm I ever had with her.
    Yet what is the point in this ritual investment into a future filled with deep emotional pain and suffering.

    Does anyone over thirty and who has 'been there' and 'done that' still believe that Marriage is a very good idea and brings stability and harmony.
    Or is Marriage now just a piece of paper that must not be signed until you have had all the emotional small print and expectant future anguish explained in the greatest of detail.
  2. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Do I detect the teeniest suggestion of a hint of bitterness here?
  3. Well remember the saying -

    Don't get married, just find a woman who hates you and buy her a house.

    Personally I still rate the idea of marriage, having been married for 22 years and never even come close to divorce I might be a bit biased but there you go.

    You picked her so it is at the very least 50% your own fault.

    Sympathy? Somewhere between sh1t and syphillis in the dictionary I think :)
  4. Regret yes and yes also some bitterness.
    I suppose we all expect happy ever after but no it's not always to be.

    My question here is does anyone really still have a strong belief in Marriage and all that goes with it.
  5. Now that is a shame!
  6. Yes, I believe in marriage. (a sensible post from FT...a first for everything)

    Marriage is about sharing and that involves sharing problems by supporting each other.

    Marriage works very well when two people have no illusions about each other and are honest about what they found attractive in the first place.

    However; marriage requires a lot of effort on both parts to work. My first marriage didn't, my second does.

    (How was that for a load of sanctimonious crap?)
  7. Been there, done it once, got the T shirt and wrote the book. Mine cheated on me whilst I was working then had the temerity to say it was all my fault.....

    One divorce later, she has the kids, house, car and left me with the shirt on my back. I firmly believe I only kept the shirts as they wouldn't fit her.

    Oh yes and got stiffed for all the court costs even though it sited HER Adultery.

    Bitch over, now marriage, worth it, yes certainly, the above was about 3 years ago and have recently remarried to a blinder. Promised I would never do it again but they do get under the skin. Hopefully I will have learnt from the mistakes of the last one and get it right this time, if not then a solitary life of batcherlordom awaits.

    If it all becomes to bad become a monk, but I here they don't get enough arrse!

    If its ongoing, good luck and remember 'non illegitimus minimus carborundum.'
  8. Regrets? I had a few, but then again, too few to mention. :D

    I waited so long before marrying that friends started to think I was gay. But look at the advantages:-

    1. You get your dinner made each night (but I suppose you get that anyway if you live in barracks).
    2. Free sex.
    3. Marriage beats talking to yourself in the evenings.
    4. An endless supply of clean socks.

  9. I may try marraige then if its that good :omfg:
  10. If you don't know the point of marriage, you should never have done it in the first place.......and as for emotional small print and future anguish, I do believe the words for better for worse are still in the vows.

    On a serious note, why did you get divorced? Was she putting it about like?
  11. [quote="Ancient_Mariner. But look at the advantages:-

    1. You get your dinner made each night (but I suppose you get that anyway if you live in barracks).Eat Out
    2. Free sex.Really,rather have beer goggles at 2am
    3. Marriage beats talking to yourself in the evenings.Only if you want a one way conversation
    4. An endless supply of clean socks.[/quote]Next Storecard

    That said it is a fine institution but who wants to be intitutionalised!!!
  12. What? You mean it's not all sweetness and light, romantic walks in leafy groves and soft focus moments by the river, for as long as we both shall live? People should really be told. :roll:
  13. Every marriage i've attended as either a guest or usher has fallen apart within twelve months. It's happened half a dozen times since I was nineteen. I think i'm cursed, so if anyone wants to book me for their upcoming wedding as a last - resort safety net, let me know.

    The last girl I was seeing, and still live with (platonically :roll: ) wanted to get wed. No matter how much I insisted that I loved her but was just not ready to get married, the more adament she bacame that our relationship would not last if we did not tie the knot. I honestly and truthfully believed that she would be the girl who I spent the rest of my life with, I just did not want to be married in my mid twenties. It wasn't like I wanted to shag around, I didn't do that anyway while we where together, I just did not want to get married. Can't explain it really.

    The idea of us getting wed became more important to her than our relationship, which had been fantastic up to this point. But this marriage idea became the catylist for our breaking up, the final straw being my decision to join the Army. She's seeing someone else now, and I can see she's gearing up to maybe have the same argument with her new bloke as we did, (we were together for three years, she's been seeing new bloke for three months) I hope she doesn't because at the moment she seems really happy, and she deserves it.

    The point is, this experience taught me that marriage means a lot more to some people than to others, and sometimes it can mean more than the relationship itself. Karl Marx would have called it an ideological state institution. It's a nice idea, but unpractical, expensive, and unneccesary in my oppinion, but who knows, maybe i'll change me mind as I get older.

    Edited to say: I've just read this post and realised it doesn't give any constructive advice at all. :x
  14. Eagle1, engaged 4 times and married once. Maybe you should look at yourself and ask if you were maybe at fault. Too quick to pursue marriage possibly.

    Marriage is only a bad idea when it goes wrong. If you are with the right person and are willing to act as a team when things aren't so good then marriage is very good. Although I am not a religious man I believe the concept of marriage and the ethics behind it are paramount to a stable life and stable society.
  15. marriage is not a word it's a SENTENCE