Marrakech in October

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Trans-sane, Aug 29, 2011.

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  1. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Any suggestions? WAs planning on going B&B for a week and drifting around and seeing the sights. Djemaa El-fna square being one of the main ones and giving the various souks a good coat of looking at. Any advice, must see sights or places of interest?
  2. It makes no difference at all as to the time of year to go to Marrakech,its still a shit hole come rain or shine!Save your money and go to Italy or somewhere.
  3. Don't go. Went a while back. ******* hated the place. You're gonna get people try and rip you off at very corner.
  4. I echo the above sentiments. If you must go to Morocco spend one night in Marrakech (to confrim above opinions tourself) and trek around the Atlas Mountains -they are beautiful. Marrakech is a shithole - full of people trying to sell you carpets/jewelery etc with extreme aggression
  5. Pretty much agree with RNMAMULL. Visited Morocco on one of the grey war canoes. Decided to do the culture vulture thing and wished I had stayed in the seamans mission in Casablanca.
    Marrakech is a shit hole. The fact was I took 12 photographs which for me on a run ashore doing the culture thing is almost unheard of. I took 10 rolls of 35mm, 24 exposure film and came back with same amount.

    In fact as RNMAMULL says save your money and go to Italy.

    If you do end up there I hope you find something and enjoy your holiday.

    edited to add. Just remembered one group got away for 3 days in the Atlas mountains and came back singing its praises.
  6. Went 2 years ago this October for honeymoon. Essoueira is ok, and Casablanca was not too bad off the tourist routes. So if you want ok, then go.

    BTW Marrakech was awful. Pushy tw4ts trying to rip you off. And if you go on any organised trips you will get bored to death of hearing about Irgun oil.
  7. Did Morocco twice over the last ten years, both times on business with the wife. Went along with the locals in Casa and had a blast, nice place and no hassle. Fez was fantastic and Marrakech was bearable, we stayed at a top end place and were always led around by big wig locals and hence were little hassled. I did see lots of scams and tourists being bothered around the main market square, the usual tourist traps.

    I speak pretty good French and told them stuff it when they really bothered us, sadly I tend to agree overall with the above, I probably wouldn't go back to Marrakech but Fez and perhaps Casa... I saw in the Sleezy Jet brochure earlier this week that they have some nice beaches near Marrakech as well, but don't know anything about them. I think you would be much better off in Southern Turkey, Antaliya et all.
  8. Are you mad? Morocco is down the road from Libya you might find Col G
  9. Djamm al Fnarr is 'interesting', keep a sharp awareness of where you are and what's around you at all times. The best restaurant frequented by the westerners got well bombed only a month or so ago (believe it was AQ?), but the open-air lamplight fry-ups in the square are good and cheap, popular with the locals.
    I'm a pretty tolerant guy but every day my will to be a pleasant and smiley guest evaporated a little more until I paid my last dirhams and final bribe to a border official just to get an exit stamp in my UK passport.
  10. A lot of the has already been said. You can't go in the Mosques because you're keffir and you'll be pestered by carpet salesmen, robbers, fortune-tellers who watch squirrels ******* to see how long you have to live, lady boys, teeth pullers and ***** who put squirrel monkey on your back and then ask you for money.

    I've tried to be kind, but it really is a bit of a toilet.

    If you want to see Ottoman culture at its best, without being dry-bummed or inflicting the wife with a dark-skinned, helpful friend with a large stonker (far larger than yours), go to Istanbul.

    Sublime mosques, cicterns, Roman mosaics, Sinan's best work, reasonable food, one of the very best cities in the whole world, but no beaches.

    I reckon you could stay in the Pera Palace for less money than a night in a Moroccan toilet full of Belgians 'enjoying' a tagine bought from the local Tesco.

    If you don't want the mid East, try Sarajevo: an utterly delightful city with Turkish, Austrian, Jewish, Orthodox influences. It's a bloody fantastic place. Really good hotels, good food and good booze and utterly charming.

    HAve no idea what they'll rob you for the flights, though.
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  11. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    He still got a decent bounty on his head? If so I could be quids in :D

    And Burpa, I'm free and single yet again so will be on my tod. However I am swinging a package like a blind cobbler's thumb :D
  12. Aye, slicing 'meat' from a kebab. "Do you want chilli sauce with that? I love America!"

    It pains me to say do, but Marrakesh is a bit of a disappointment, tbh. You walk down to the souk and there's a bloke with tiny cages full of chameleons, and another full of kestrels. You fel like clubbing the shopkeeper, with a truncheon bought at the stall next door.

    Remember that all the carpets the 'ancient carpet-wallahs of Allah' sell, while doing the full on 'Abdul de Bulbul' act with mint tea and lots of grovelling were made in China by children just the day before and, well, it's not a very nice place.

    Go to Istanbul! Marvellous. Stay out of their carpet shops (even bigger robbers than the Moroccans) but go in the mosques. Magnificent!
  13. I don't know where you heard that from but it's a load of rubbish!

    The bomb was inside a guitar case and was left in the bar by a local professional from a high flying family who felt he didn't reach the required standards. We didn't have any trouble at all whilst in Marrakech.

    I can't recommend the Atlas Mountains enough, the locals are Berbers rather than the Arabs you get in the north. There's plenty of old Kasbahs where you can get some good food.

    If I go again I'm off for a guided trek into the Sahara.

  14. Took the wife there for our first wedding anniversary, was a bit pants but at least we saw a fair bit as we had bought the Rough Guide book (covers the whole of Morocco) they are pretty good give you tips on all the rip off's and what to watch out for, as well as some useful things to see and visit.
  15. At B&B rates Morocco can be a hassle.
    As Viceroy has suggested if you travel cocooned from the great unwashed then it can marvelous.
    Especially if you are former Tory ministers seeking solace in their off-shore closet with young boys [allegedly- ahem]
    I'd start in Tangiers, then head on down to Fez [stunning] stopping in the "Alpine town" on the way, then on to Marrakech and the Atlas mountains.
    Casablanca imho is best avoided.
    If you are into motorbikes, there's a Brit who runs good tours but this requires time & money.