The 7th Marquis of Anglesey - Telegraph

"When the first volume of this magnum opus was published in 1973, a reviewer wrote: “If you think it funny that a Marquis should sit down in his remote island to write the history of the British Cavalry... you’d better wipe that smile off your face. It is a work of astounding ability.”
As each successive volume emerged from Lord Anglesey’s ancestral home, Plas Newydd, in Anglesey, the reviews gained in appreciation what they lost in astonishment. “Valuable and entertaining,” said The Sunday Telegraph reviewer of Volume I. “The definitive history,” he said of Volume II. And of Volume IV: “He is now unquestionably established as one of the great historians.” The entire eight volumes, remarked Nigel Nicolson, represent “an achievement comparable to Gibbon’s”.
Lord Anglesey combined a nose for a good story with academic rigour, taking enormous trouble to be accurate in his facts and balanced in his judgments. He established a perfect combination of tactical assessment and personal reminiscence, drawing on memoirs, unpublished diaries and letters, regimental histories and official archives to formidable effect. The cavalry was placed not only in its military but also in its social context. He revealed, for example, that in 1830 the uniform of an officer of the 15th Light Dragoons cost £134 13s 6d, the equivalent of nearly 10 years’ pay of a lieutenant on 9d a day."

Long obit, worth a read


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