Maroon is soooo out, sweetie

Discussion in 'ACF' started by walt_of_the_walts, Jun 6, 2009.

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  1. Just found this in pt1 orders:

    Whilst this is correct in Army Dress Committee rules , I predict that some Teddies, inevitably, will get thrown out of prams over this.

    However, what is 'ACF Uniform'?

    I thought our uniform was S95, or the uniform of Her Majesty's Armed Forces, to be worn with ACF insignia.

    For a quiet life, I'd allow suitably qualified AIs to wear maroon lids. What harm can it do?
  2. Not where ive seen. But then again not many cadet instructors have passed P coy anyway.
  3. Also my sector has 27 cap badges, and black, navy blue, AAC sky blue, Rifles green, cypress green, Guards khaki berets and also TOS's and caubeens. So it's not about uniformity?
  4. What unit are you in? The Wild Geese? :D
  6. No. I think its not about the wings brevet, as 'wings are awarded in perpetuity' it's about the beret. IIRC Only those attached to 5 Abn Bde can wear it

    It's the junior version: The Stroppy Ducklings, actually :D
  7. come on does it really matter? one of my instructers been in the army for 30 years, done p coy served in with the paras all over the place, but we want to tell him hes not allowed to wear his marooon beret ??
  8. OMG!!!!!!
    Not this old chestnut again??
    I thought this had been done to death!
    If you have done it Land says you can wear the badge in understanding is that unless you are serving with an airborne unit of which the ACF have none (cue dissent!) you cannot wear a maroon beret very much akin to RMP's if not serving not wearing.
  9. Is he working for 16AA Bde?
  10. ...and the appropriate beret for a Parachute Regiment capbadge is?
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  11. Precisely. Any ex-para could just wear his old lid with ParachuteRegiment badge and ACF insignia then. Doesnt say he has to be in a para badged det to do so. Not very careflly worded, but that may have been deliberate on the part of the author.
  12. msr

    msr LE

    ...and the appropriate beret for an adult in a youth movement with a military ethos is?
  13. I take it that is a rhetorical question requiring the answer 'none of them'
  14. Why would they want to wear their maroon beret anyway besides trying to 'large it' in front of kids? Many ex-Airborne have joined MPGS but I don't see them wearing their maroon lids on stag on the front gates of defence establishments and neither do I hear of them whinging that they should be able to wear it.

    Get over it.

    Once Airborne - Now chairborne.
  15. Because they are a member of a Parachute Regiment cap badged ACF unit?

    I guess that the only reason msr isn't in the ACF is that he knows he'd fail the CRB. he certainly looks more suited to it than a fighting unit.