Maroon Blazer

Are there any ex-Airborne on here that can tell me where I can get my hands on a Maroon blazer?

I'm not wanting to cut about down the legion as an Airborne walt, I'm going to see Al Murray in 2 weeks and want to go in fancy dress as him but after looking in what felt like every shop in Nottingham I can't find a blazer anywhere.

Any suggestions?


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The boys in Cardiff did a job lot deal with The National Museum of Wales for their old uniform blazers
Thanks for the suggestions guys just what I was after

Lightning: Glad to hear the new show's good really looking forward to it! Managed to get front row tickets too
seen him a few times now so know I'm in for it but I'm quite looking forward to getting involved. Had the chance to get on the front row when he was recording one of his DVD's but the guy I went with wouldn't move

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