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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Kingojosh93, Dec 20, 2011.

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  1. Right guys firstly I'm already in the TA (A COY, 4 LANCS) but I was just wondering what the regs are on a soldier who succesfully passes P COMPANY and is awarded a maroon beret. Now assuming I get the chance to go for my wings in the future. Would I be allowed to wear the maroon beret with the cap badge of The Duke Of Lancaster's Regiment? This is mainly because I'd heard something or other from a gent in AGC mentioning you would only be allowed to wear your wings unless it was part of a corps style regiment (RLC, MP, Royal Engineers and so on and so forth)
  2. One embellishment is normal I believe, wings if you have them. But seeing as it's the TA just do what the **** you like!
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  3. The Maroon beret is issued not awarded. The wings are awarded.

    There's loads of threads on here about badge collecting, have a gander at them using the search button (top right)
  4. If you use the search function you will find the answer to this and many more questions that get asked all the time.
  5. So what you want to do is go play with the paras for a bit to get your coloured lid, then go back to your home unit and prance around like a div thinking everyone will bow down and pray to you because you have a maroon lid? Unfortunately it doesn't work like that.

    If for whatever reason you do end up doing your jumps course (why I'm not sure, in 4 LANCS you're unlikely to need it so there's not much chance of the army coughing up for it), you will probably get told to wear. The fact you say "assuming I get to do it" makes me assume you haven't even got a place booked or anything, it's just a hypothetical question about whether you'll get to cut around your battalion looking hard or not. Personally I'd spend less time worrying about if you get to wear your beret and wings and more time worrying about important issues, you'll likely get further.
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  6. Like you did at "Cadets" regarding combat jacket draw cords?

    You ******* civilian wretch.
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  7. Hi. I'm new here. Can anyone tell me please: What's the search button for?
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  8. Technically, it is the 'lighbulb' not wings that you wear as you are not serving in an AB Brigade.

    Maroon beret, as above unless you are in a designated PiD that requires you to jump (also, wings can be worn in that instance).

    All is clear in QRs on the defence library!
  9. Ask your PSI :)
  10. You only need to serve in a "offence if you refuse to jump PiD" once to wear the wings in perpetuity.

    But the beret is only for Paras, general staff ex-Para, or some non-Para PiD on the books of 16AA (and I'm fairly sure there are non-jump PiD on 16AA's books - but somebody here will know). With an agreed exemption for people in ATRA jobs who have just come from 16AA.

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  12. Not counting the infantry Bns, most of 16AA Bde is made up of fat hats and even fatter women wearing maroon lids.

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