Marne Barracks, Catterick....oops

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by sexyarmychic, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Has anyone stayed in the jnr ranks accom in Marne Barracks in Catterick before? If u have wot is it like? Are the rooms big, single person rooms or rooms of 4, wot is there to do on the camp, is there internet access etc .... cheers...oops sorry, had been told the wrong barracks, its really marne barracks apparently...well until they tell us sumwhere else..plonkers
  2. You're in for a bit of a shock, unless it's been demolished and re-built!

    Although I presume you're a Chef or Clk, then you'll be in the "new block", still a hole, but a better hole than the rest of the accm.
  3. Accommodation in Bourlon has been updated and you will be living in SLAM, each room has an en-suite bathroom with each flat having a shared kitceh and laundry facility. Richmondshire Lines Hub is due to open in September, this will provide a catering, retail and leisure facility with internet access etc. There may be wifi connectivity available in the accom in the future.

    If you are truly a 'sexyarmychic', I'm sure you'll make friends quickly and be very well looked after ;-)

  4. Oops... It isn't Bourlon Barracks we are going to, Its Marne Barracks in believe where we are going once we are there....u know wot the army is like...last on everything then hurry up and wait.....