Discussion in 'Cookery' started by putteesinmyhands, Nov 29, 2008.

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  1. Love it

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  2. Hate it

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  3. Marmite is the same as Vegemite, yes?

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  1. The poll just seemed obligatory, it has nothing to do with the thread.

    I'm disappointed that Squeezy Marmite has been developed. It never used to slide off my toast and salvaging the last bits from the shoulders of the jar was a satisfying challenge.

    Back to topic...

    Marmite is yeast extract. Is it any good as an ingredient for home brew? Has anybody used it?
  2. Marmite is made from yeast left after the brewing process, it's had all the good bits taken out. During a trip round the Fullers brewery, I saw a block of yeast the size of the average 3 seater sofa, the tour guide said that it would be sold to Marmite for around a fiver, then marmite process it and sell the stuff at some exhorbitant price.
  3. So it would improve Fullers, then? :D

    But is it completely dead? Or would it encourage fermentation? Or could it just be an additional ingredient to affect flavour?
  4. It's been processed, fiddled with and had bits added, so I wouldn't recommend it for adding to the home brewing kits, I'd hate to taste the end product if you did.
  5. So you chose "Hate it" in the poll, then?
  6. Great use of Marmite:

    Marmite Tart

    2 x Tbsp Marmite,
    2 Tbsp Butter/Margarine,
    2ml Salt,
    5ml baking Powder,
    250ml Flour(All purpose),
    100g Butter,
    1 x Cup grated Cheese(your choice),
    1/2 Cup Milk,
    1 Egg

    • Step 1: Sift all dried ingredients into a bowl
    • Step 2: Melt 100g butter in micro, pour into dry mixture
    • Step 3: Beat egg and mil, add this to dry mixture together with grated cheese
    • Step 4: Bake in oven at 200c for 15 minutes
    • Step 5: Remove the tart, melt the marmite and butter together
    • Step 6: Score the tart into slices and pour marmite and butter mixture over the tart
  7. Love it. I would lick it off the wifes clack if I could.

    Agree with you re the squeezy marmite. Pointless and ruins the whole 'scrapping the last bits out of the jar' scenario. Similarly with Colemans squeezy English mustard. Fucking pointless and tastes shite.

    Marmite is great with a few fresh pan fried mushrooms or chucked in with a few new potatoes.

    The wife hates it so it's one reason why I dont lick it off her clack.
  8. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    Toasted cheese with a smear of marmite between butter and cheese mmmmmmmmmm

    But still cant beat peanut butter, cheese and marmite on soft fresh bread.

    And yes, i love the stuff!!!
  9. Love marmite, on toast every morning and a packet of marmite ricecakes in my packed lunch every day!
  10. She's not as fussy as you like to think.......... neithers your dog.
  11. Marmite is okay on occasion, but this is a much better alternative

  12. Isn't there a motorway named after it ?

    A mate of mine said he takes his missus up it quite regularly.
  13. Poof!
  14. Get away from me Satan!
  15. I actually love Marmite, just wouldn't add it to beer.