Marmite ..... its changing!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by snapper, Mar 20, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Sacrilidge!!Heathens!!!!Interfearing with OUR Marmite!!!!

    Off for a slice of toast now with the Black stuff on!!!
  2. Bugger :(
  3. Disgusting stuff.
  4. You either love it or hate it - much better than Bovril or that Vegemite cr*p
  5. You heathen you ...... Get yourself away to the arrse confessional and confess your unbeliving to the great minister_doh_nut .... :lol:
  6. Not only is it an outrage to change this iconic brand but this brings forth a far more serious issue. In order to get make the Marmite squeezeable, will they have to change the recipe? The consistency is all part of the heavenly and unique experience.
  7. Damn, I don't eat honey because it drips off the toast....
  8. Wasnt marmite the name of the jar? If they change that, they've changed the name?
  9. 'Marmite' is the name of a french cooking pot which features on the product label...

    ... I'll get my anorak!
  10. Come back to the original, VEGEMITE ,available in a tube and still made from leftovers from Fosters Lager.
  11. Well I hate the stuff so any change can only be for the better.
  12. I'd rather eat a poo sandwich anyway, so i couldn't give a toss
  13. Fear not!

    They occasionally show a 15 minute documentary on Channel 4 about the conception of the new Marmite. It follows the long search for a valve that could cope with the consistency of the black gold, new marketing ideas etc etc. Its the same stuff in a new box.

    Anyway, you don't spread it like butter, so stockpile some of the large jars and they should last you a few years :)
  14. It comes as no surprise to learn that there is a French connection to this revolting exudate.