Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Squiggles, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone help me out with the criteria for being qualified as Markman on the rifle, and on the LSW?

    Squiggles x
  2. Why? You a badge collector or something?
  3. Are you kidding? The only badge I'm likely to get is a stripe (oh please god!) I can't shoot for sh1t.

    Just trying to settle a score, as some little cadet lad claims his LSW markman badge, next to his shoe-lace badge, makes him an "army qualified" marksman.

    I'm just one of these pepole, when I want to know something I try and find it out.

    But, if you have any spare badges Ping Pong, I have a chest to pin them on ;)

    Squiggles x
  4. Did you drop this badge squiggles?


    Nearly got it mixed up with my badge!
  5. I might be wrong here and await incoming if I am.As the following is the official description of the ACF , I find it highly unlikely that someone who is not part of the Army could be 'army qualified'. Perhaps you need to remind the youngster that they are in a nicely titled Youth Club but are merely sponsored by the Army not part of it.

    'The Army Cadet Force is not part of the Army. However it does use the uniforms, traditions and badges of rank of its Regular and Territorial Army sponsors. All adults in the ACF are youth workers..'

  6. Is there something wrong with that then? I'm only peeved we can't wear a neck scarf and a woggle!
  7. I was in the Cadets and its just a Youth Club, but they supply your cloths
  8. I was in the Cadets and its just a Youth Club, but they supply your cloths
  9. I was in the Cadets and its just a Youth Club, but they supply your cloths
  10. Simple answer, No it doesn't.

    However, I do have a couple of badges for you if you want, Obvioulsy I'd need to do the fitting....
  11. Well if it comes to pinning things on ladies chests then I'm suitably qualified due to my entry on the sex offenders register young squiggles.
  12. Thats the nicest thing this 30 something, saggy titted old witch has heard for a long time!!

    Back to the topic, can anyone help me with the official required standard/test whatever for Marksman Rifle / LSW?

    I'd like something in black and white to print out and slap around my cocky young friend's face. Even better I'd like to earn the real badge myself (yeah right) and make the fu**ker sew it on for me!!
  13. Squiggles have a look on the official Army website, there is loads of info ref marksmanship courses and qualifications.
  14. Failing that Squiggles, just let it Go!!!!
  15. Squiggles look in the AOSP, that will tell you all the required standards for the APWT TS/CI on the L85A2 or the LSW (which cadets don't do) and relevant % to achieve marksman.