Can someone give me a rundown on the LF series for basic F88 qual, annual qual and marksmanship award, please?

If it's too much (and it probably is), can someone point me to a link for a pdf or similar download(s) on this sort of thing?



Oh. Bugger. I apologise.

For some reason I thought it was in the shooting forum.

Errrr....fair dinkums etc


I found this on an Ausmil forum. Though it'll be out of date:

1. Deliberate, 300m alternative prone, 6 rounds, load with a 20rnd mag no time limit, scored 5, 4, 3 points.

2. Rapid, 300m lying unsupported, 8 rounds, 30 seconds, scored 5, 4, 3, points.

3. Rapid, 200m standing then moving into kneeling unsupported for the 4 shots, 4 rounds, 15 seconds, scored 5, 4, 3.

4. Snap, 200 & 100m, sitting unsupported, 8 rounds, 4 exposures of each target in random order, 3 second exposures in 5 to 10 second intervals, scored 5, 4, 3.

5. Rapid realignment, 300, 200 & 100m, prone unsupported, 10 rounds, 4 exposures at 300 and 200, 2 exposures at 100m, Exposure timings 300m - 4 sec, 200m - 3 sec, 100m -2 sec, targets to be exposed 300m, 200m, 100m in succession without interval, there is to be an interval of 15 -20 sec before the next set of exposures.

6. Rapid, 100m Kneeling unsuported, 6 rounds, as for serial 3 except 6 shots to be fired, 20 seconds, scored 5 points, 4 points, 3 points.

7. Rapid realignment, moving and 100m, standing and then kneeling unsupported, 12 rounds, exposures are as follows, a, walking and then static snap, b, same, c running then static snap, d, same, targets to move 10m left to right, firers are to start in standing position, they are to engage targets with 2 shots, first from standing and then from kneeling unsupported, then the static snap from the kneeling unsupported, they are then to return to the standing alert position.

8. Instinctive, 50m, shoulder instinctive, fig 12 target, 3 exposures of 2 seconds, 5 to 10 seconds between exposures.
The only mandatory training is grouping and zeroing, 4 x 5 round groups, average group size no more than 200mm
This can be completed on the WTSS
It is part of the AIRN requirements (Army Individual Readiness Notice)

LF6 is completed from 300m down to 100m, some in trench, then standing, kneeling/squatting and prone. LF 6 normally completed on ETR, so no need to run around, very civilised.
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