Marksmanship badge - where does the 'gp rifle' tag go?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Watcher, Sep 9, 2011.

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  1. So he's got his rifle and crown and I know this goes bottom central on the brassard but where does the 'GP Rifle' tag go?



  2. The Brassard | Army Cadets in North Cardiff

    Is the DS answer.

    Worry not that the example is CCF, should be the same.

    (Probably worth said cadet checking out that does happen in his own unit - as if his Commandant had decreed it be worn on the forehead, get ready with the pain relieving spray!)
  3. There's a cadet PTI qualification?????
  4. There used to be, it got canned and the badge is now obsolete.
  5. Thanks Tom but I've now got an extra bit as per the attached; mine with 'GP Rifle' on it. Its the latter I'm trying to sort out.


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  6. Usually they are sewn in a sort of list on one side of hte brassard...

    er, not sure which side though.
  7. [​IMG]

    Here you go.


    There are brassard pics with the list and badge on the other side though...

    and some look like the badges have been catapulted in to location and sewn where ever they land...


    Might be worth checking with the Det or one of your Cadets cronies. At least then you know there will be two berks on parade if you get it wrong...
  8. Thanks Frog,

    I've got something to go on; its my lads brassard so I'll get him to check.

  9. Choc Frog also points out sensibly that your lad is best doing what the rest of his unit do!

    It is normal for just one rifle and one weapon label to be on the brassard, thus if a marksman as below, but if the GP badge has been awareded it would outdate the 0.22 which would be removed.
  10. But some counties seem to favour the list... I've seen Cadets with .22, GP AND LSW all on one brassard. And target rifle possibly.
  11. I know! And some Counties run two brassards as well!

    You'd not think it was a uniformed organisation sometimes! :)
  12. Yep, seen the two brassard thing... very wierd. Looks like the Cadets are about to go swimming.
  13. With all that brassard space to spare, it means that they might do a lot of shooting but very little of anything else.

    The previous post has it right. Generally to have (for example) the LSW badge means that the cadet must already passed on the other weapons.

    Am I right to think that the crossed rifles, crowns, etc. is marksmanship/SaA in general, and across all weapons?
  14. I know! And some Counties run two brassards as well!

    1st post out and I shall claim brassard walt c8nt status.....................

    I had 3.
    My normal right hand side one.
    One with "county colours"and Cambrian March on.
    One with the Canadian exchange flags on.
    Did cadets love big badges in the mid 90's?

    So then I joined the big boys and got no badges to wear.