marksman or sniper??

No all snipers are marksmen!

Any one who can shoot well is a marksman a snipers skills lie in observation, stalking and cam and concealment oh and lots of patience

A marksman is trained to shoot precisely with a certain type of firearm.
Qualified on a range! Top shot range man!

Snipers are intensively trained to master field craft and camouflage, hide fer days, Sneaky little feckers in otherwords, generally do the one shot required and disappear!

:D thats my simple wee discription!
A sniper has gone on a qualification course which has to be passed.

A marksman could be someone who put in a good shoot on an APWT. and has not done a Sniper qualification course.

(If the above is wrong someone will post the right stuff)


For instance my brother who was RAF was classed as a marksman but that was taken from shooting at 25 yds.

To become a marksman in the RAF you have to do this:

A) Be able to identify a gun thingy
B) Be able to put the correct brassy pointed tubes in the correct metal box.
C) Ask a grown up or a Brown Job where to put the metal box on a gun thingy.
D) Make the gun thingy explode the brassy pointy tubes out of the box and fly off somewhere all without crying.

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