Marksman Badge

Hi, am having a debate with my friend on were u stitch the British Army Marksman Badge

I said its stitched on the Red Section of the picture on the crease line, he said its jus unter the TRF the blue section?

Where is it stitched on?


Best on the Forehead.
Nowhere. Its Slightly Gay and definately Waltish (Note: Ish as in it does not make you a walt but puts you on the slippery slope to buying your own VC). Prove your Point on the Range instead!
Apart from "why would you want to?", I believe it's the blue ring. Not that you should have anything sewn onto your CS95's, strictly speaking. I think it's just for your No2/1 dress. Although if you don't pass next time you will have to take it off and you'll be left with the holes/discolouration.

I was a marksman for a number of years and I didn't have a badge sewn on any of my uniform.

Edited to add: I agree with; prove it on the range.

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