Market Garden photo's with the location where it was taken

This week in 1944 Op. Market Garden was taking place. Last weekend this was remembered during the Airborne March in Oosterbeek with a ceremony at the British cemetary there. This Saturday there is the memorial jump at the Ginkelsche Heide. This battle is still very much alive over here and I'd like to add a well meant Thank You to all men fought there.

Something you can take a look at: The Dutch news site has a photopage with pictures taken in september 1944. Below the photo is a map with the location where this picture was taken. I find it interesting, maybe you do to.

This is the link: NU&toen - Een historische blik op het nieuws.


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Nice one Kaye,
Don't think we Brits don't appreciate the tremendous care the Dutch take over the British war dead. It is forgotten how much the Dutch suffered because of the failure of Market Garden.
Many Thanks
I won't be at the Ginkelsche Heide this year. I've got some time off coming up. But its equally moving to see those old Para's coming back to life when they're at Arnhem. And its just great to see some eightysomething year old vet drinking some Dutch Toms under the table!

If you ever have the chance you should see Margraten. Its not a British cemetary, but an American one. It's where the American dead from the Huertgenwald and the battles around Aachen are burried. When the US general in charge of those operations had to plan where he would burry his dead men (think about how that felt...) he decided to do it on friendly territory at a tiny Dutch town just at the border called Margraten. When after the war he came back to check on it he found flowers everywhere and the graves all perfectly tended to. The local schools had started to maintain the cemetary; they still do that to this day.
I took a picture of a young girl who had placed flowers on my wifes father's grave at Oosterbeek in 2006.
They still remember.
Thank you.

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