Market Garden celebration



I've spammed various forums with this:


An American friend of mine, who served as a forward artillery observer for the 101st Airborne in Normandy, Market-Garden (he jumped in), Bastogne etc, is very keen to come over to Europe to take part in the 60th festivities. Does anyone know of a good point of contact for him? He is in his early 80s and is a retired Colonel (though a Sgt in WW2), so not necessarily after the full 3 Para mortars' monty; but he strongly identifies with us Brits and is keen to take part in any celebrations with us.

Any ideas, please PM me.
The Paras have their own website with many refs to it on other posts on ARRSE. I'm sure if you posted on their site they would help (Paras making the Freemasons look like a dysfunctional family and all that.)

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