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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by dundrillin, May 5, 2006.

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  1. I've a problem that someone may have an answer for. Our search and rescue team need something to mark buildings with in the aftermath of earthquakes. We've previously used the yellow tyre chalk, but this was less than satisfactory in Pakistan last year because of all the dust closely followed by monsoon rain. Ideally, spray paint aerosols would be just the job, but we can't take them on flights and neither can we take the paint/thinners associated with hand pumps. Any ideas?
  2. minetape and tent pegs???
  3. Sadly, no. We have to mark a series of code letters/ numbers to denote live rescues, dead recovered, dead in situ, etc, so need some form of permanent marking to prevent the building being re-searched by other teams.
  4. How about getting a load of the Dylon cold dye pots that come sealed and in a powder form, mix with water to form a paste, and use a MK1 paintbrush to apply the solution from a Tupperware beaker, they come in all colours.

    The other solution is to set fire to any houses that you have looted and then others wont bother searching and there will not be any need to recover stiffs........
  5. can't you use fibua style flags? but give them diff meanings.
  6. We've tried paint brushes and dye, but this suffered from many of the same problems we were getting with the chalk on the dusty surfaces. The problem with anything removeable, such as flags, was that some bugger is bound to remove it. The ground marker sprays that builders, archaeologists etc use is perfect, except that we can't take it with us on an aircraft. We've also tried various powder-based paints, but the droplet size is too large to spray properly and the nozzles get clogged. I was hoping that maybe the military used aircraft-friendly markers of some sort. Sadly, we can't devise our own, simplified system of marking either, as we have to follow INSARAG procedure.
  7. How about annotating A4 paper, then insert into clear file pockets (open end to the bottom). Hilti nail this to the building through thin galv strip to prevent tearing off in any wind. The inverted file pocket will protect against rain, especially if the open bottom is taped over.

    The whole thing is essentially of no saleable or otherwise-usable value, so should be left in place.
  8. The Global blokes have a good system of drinking bottles of red food dye and eating the Hottest Fahl currys every evening. The resulting morning constitution can be smeared on the walls of searched buildings it sticks like shhit on a barn door, which also keeps flys off any rotting meat.

    Have you considered sending an advanced party from ScouseSAR, they could liberate half used tins of Magnolia in garden sheds in the disaster zone when rifling the garden tools whilst the locals are in dissaray?
  9. We are the advance party of ScouseSAR! Where do you think we get all those bricks from to prop up the Woolybacks' cars ?
  10. puttees in mah hands looks like the best bet to me...and that was the idea i thought of when i swung it around my head for a wee while 8)
  11. Better still you can buy that really bright paper like highlighter pens, in A4 now just laminate it and then follow the recommendations about file pockets etc. If you want some and don't know where to get it at a reasonable price PM me.
  12. I appreciate the ideas guys, but the regulations require the notation to be 2 metres square, hence the problem. Looks like we'll be sticking with the tyre chalk.
  13. So, it's a case of being hampered by Quality Assurance, then. State that you're using A4 as a temporary measure to expedite the rescue of victims and promise to put the 2m square markers up when the ports and motorways have been re-built, allowing dangerous cargos. Bloody regulations, hmmmmph!
  14. go and get your self some of those fekin great crayons , my kids draw on the walls all the time with those , and I cant get stuff that off !!!!
  15. idea: Could you use Aircraft Marking Panels? They're normally really eye-achingly bright yellow or orange and fold pretty small. Then hilti-bolt it to the wall (or ground, this is an earthquake so walls may not be such a great option) to stop scroats lifting it. I think you could probably permi-marker notes onto the marker panel (not tried this, SQMS likely to blub and/or charge me the cost). :