Marked Time Rates of Pay Query?

Due to transferring recently i've been put onto marked time rates of pay (MTRP). Now, i was aware that my increments would not go up however i am not receiving the April payrises that i thought we were entitled to. Should i be receiving the April payrises at all, and what will happen to my pay at the end when i'm finished on MTRP because even though my increment pay isn't going up my increment levels still are....

Thanks in advance.

onlywatching said:
You should be recieving the April increases as you are marking time on a level, not a pay figure, but you shouldn't get additional increments.
Wrong. If you are on MTRP you get no annual pay rise or annual increment. If you are on SSRP you get an annual pay rise but no annual increment. JSP (whatever the pay and allowances one is) refers.
I was told back in 2002 that while on Mark Time Rate of Pay you didn't recieve your annual pay rise or any incremental rises. I argued about it at the time so the civvy in the pay office showed me where it's laid down.

i am in desperte need of advice, as my psf staff have not got a clue.

I transferred from the Army to the RAF after 10 and half years, this year and was told i would MTRP for 2 years after this i would be paid on my RAF senority my rank at the time and trade and may have a loss in pay.

I hve retraded from admin to being a mover and was on level 6 of 7 higher band Cpl pay. I have been informed from my psf staff that i may go down to level 2 of 9 on sac rate. Surely this is wrong, this would mean i would lose nearly 15k a year.

Help urgently needed as i would rather take my 12 year money and run

Thanks for your reply, it was really helpful. Its ********* likes you, that makes the military how it is today. This was the only thread i could find after digging out of work hours last night.

i have asked several personnel in different positions about this and no one could give me a definitive answer, not even the SNCO in the flight office. Do you know??, i doubt it, as ignorant as you may be, you would have replied with an answer.

In future keep your opinions to yourself if there not useful. Oh, and im regular, so get it right next time you decide to take the piss. I was after some sound advice. Thanks!!
So let me get this right.

You voluntarily transfered to the RAF without knowing for sure what would happen to your pay.

You were told you may have a loss in pay after 2 years.

Now this reduction in pay is happening, you are upset and have turned to an Army themed forum to ask a question about RAF pay.

Lastly, your username is "commando1310" when you are clearly an RAF Mover.

I agree with roadster280, you clearly have fuckdust for brains.

If you take the 12 year money and run, you will clearly save the Forces from having to make someone who is not a fuckwit redundant.

Go on, do the honourable thing.

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