Mark Thomas and Having Fun with the law

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kitmarlowe, Mar 31, 2007.

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  1. You may not like Mark Thomas but he's recently been having fun with the SOCA law that bans demos without Police authority near Parliament, as explained by him in a show broadcast on Radio 4 on Thursday(?). Simply put he's mocking the law by obeying it to the letter, making 21 requests for 21 demos within the area, on 21 different matters, such as banning footbridges on Hungerford Bridge, demanding the end of excessive paperwork in the Police forces and more, by having mass indivual demos by 150 people all turning up at Charing Cross station which included one request iced onto a cake and a request via a Spirtual medium from Winston Churchill. The 21 demos in a day stunt concided with a illegal demo in parliament square, at which point Mark Thomas asked the senior Officer in command that his permitted demo should go ahead, to which point the senior bobby pointed out that a lot of the out of town officers present didn't know the law and would arrest Mark Thomas, causing untold grief and pain. To which problem the senior bobby suggested that an escort of 2 local boobies would prevent any such grief arising.

    I like his approach, not his politics but his approach. I could suggest that memers of arrse elect to show their contempt for this law by joining the mass indivual demos to express their feelings on various other matters
  2. The man is THE man for this sort of thing.

    Anyone remember his ballon flight over the Septic listening base nr Harrogate or the back drop to his tv series which were actually the blueprints for Blairs house in Lambeth (IIRC) inc. all the new security stuff!

    Fantastic fun - even if you dont like his politics!
  3. This is the chap who publicised his book and TV series on the perceived misdeeds of the British/US arms and security industries by posing with an AK47 variant (the worlds most ubiquitous infantry assault rifles- produced in vast numbers by communists) in the PR shots?

    Probably expected that his intended audience wouldn't spot the irony.
  4. Not heard of this guy but he sounds ok by me.

    If idiots make idiot laws that police have difficulty policing, I expect people with brains to take every advantage.

    [align=center]BRING ON THE GENERAL ELECTION[/align]
  5. He's a leftie cnut, but he's a brilliant leftie cnut - and bloody funny too. He was on Radio 4 on Thursday's funny slot (18:30) and I was in stitches. I would've hated to have been the copper having to organise his stunts. I bet his heart sank every time Thomas appeared at the station.

    His protest about replacing the Superintendent with the copper who was organising his paperwork was a masterpiece. Excellent stuff.
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Got to say, I don't like his politics, but yes, that Radio 4 piece on the right to protest was hysterical.
  7. I've got to say I agree with his politics and also with you chaps that he's hilarious, intuitive, and when laws are drafted in haste, he has an eye for making full use of any absurdities or gaping loopholes.

    During a long hot summer in the 90s, he drove an artic. tanker full of water to the offices of North West Water at the height of the drought. Emblazoned on it was "A gift to North West Water from the people of Ethiopia".
  8. It was an excellent programme, even if it gets a bit luvvy at times.

    For those who want to see what the fun was about

    Website, with Listen Again facility

    I particularly liked his demonstration asking for a troll for Hungerford Bridge.
  9. Very funny, worth a listen
  10. I remember fondly the White Elephant hot air balloon he flew over the Millennium Dome and the time he called up the Colombian Embassy to ask if they could lend him a getaway driver.

    He also took part in one stunt, which didn't make the TV, to protest US National Missile Defence where all the demonstrators rushed the perimeter fence of a base (can't remember which one) dressed as characters from Star Wars. Must have been a rather surreal sight for the the blokes stagging on to see Wookiees, Ewoks, Yoda and C3PO and R2fuckingD2 charging towards them.
  11. he also had a tracked rapier turned up with it at GEC and tried to get there customer service department to have a look at it :twisted:
    entered it in the lord mayors parade with c of e say smite your enemys with gec
    plus took a slot at some arms fair as an pr company and got an indonesia general to admit they were murderous thugs on camera :twisted:
  12. I heard one of the trailers for this new series, and one of these protests he staged in Parliament Sq. He asked the police if he could stage a protest in favour of Surrealism, and was told yes, as long as it didn't involve anything silly :)

    Normally I think he's just an agit-prop merchant, but that got a laugh out of me.
  13. Mark Thomas is an agit-prop merchant, but if you ever hear him live or on one of his comedy gigs, you soon see that he doesn't let that get in the way of him being realistic.

    He takes a swipe at the left as readily as he does the right, and some of the stuff he does is simply to point out the absurdity of some of the laws that get made.

    I watch him sometimes and cringe, especially when he's hammering home a particular point - just want to say to him "It's done, move on, get to your next point" but he does do it well. Certainly gets his research done.
  14. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
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    I enjoyed his hot air balloon over Menwith Hill. Sealed the place tight but forgot about the airspace! I think security were a bit embarassed when they challenged him. Of course Menwith Hill doesn't exist really & the BBQs I've been to there are a figment of my imagination. :D