Mark Thatcher

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FNUSNU, Jan 13, 2005.

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  1. Really innocent?

  2. Mummy saved his arrse?

  1. So Simon Mann ex SAS officer gets 7 years in jail and this tw@t gets a deal and a suspended sentance. He claims he didn't know what was going on. He's an ARMS DEALER for gods sake!! What a crock of sh1te!
    Why is he a Sir anyway - considering his line of work?
    He got rich and mummy won the election off the back of a war that needn't of happened and cost over 200 British lives.
    The Int people warned her, but her popularity was on the slide and the Tories weren't expected to win the next general election. Talks were to be held in Cuba, the day before she orders the sinking of the Belgrano and the talks are dead. She insists of the boys pushing for Goose Green (depite the commanders saying it isn't necessary as if Stanley fell, they would surrender anyway) and a load of Paras(?) die because of of it.
  2. is anyone the slightest bit surprised that he would, in a sense, get away with it? Couldn't see him lasting long in a SA prison!
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    If he sells the house in Cape Town to pay the fine and flies off to Texas to be with the Mrs, given that he's put his hands up to attempting to overthrow the government of a sovereign nation, will the spams let him in?
  4. Amazing how the law applies to one person more than another isn't it?!?!
  5. Baco-foil helmet liners all round please.
  6. No Bacofoil needed CP -The bast*rd got a deal.

    And didn't Dennis have extensive business dealings in Zed Efrika?
  7. Yes his texan wife's family are big chums with the Bush clan
  8. The deal is done because he knows the SA govt have got insufficient evidence to make it stick but have enough to drag legal proceedings on for years, keep his SA assets frozen (and have a good pop at freezing them elsewhere) and force him to keep expensive counsel briefed throughout the whole process. This is a simple business calculation: it's cheaper in the long term to cop a plea, though I'm sure he knows the SA authorities would never have got enough evidence to put him away.

    Mark Thatcher is an appalling toe-rag: he has basically parlayed his name into a moderately huge fortune by interposing himself into arms deals and offering to facilitate them - based on his name and resultant contacts - or feck them up. He represents that brand of upwardly mobile 'ruthless' smoothy that thought the original James Bond character was a bit cool and has spent his life trying, rather pathetically, to imitate him: Jonathan Aitken is another; Jeffrey Archer a third. All of them get a bit moist at the mention of arms deals, mercenaries and spies. Fingers crossed for an eventual clean-sweep of prison-shower buggerees.

    But I doubt there was any great conspiracy to keep Thatcher out of chokey: it was just the reality of the case.
  9. The South African's really didnt want to put him in prison so this was a face saving move for them and Thatcher goes away never to see SA again.
  10. Add james Hewitt to your list chickenpunk
  11. I take it , then, that none of you believe Sir Mark when he said he thought he was renting a helo for ' air ambulance ' service and had no idea that it would/could be used for " purposes nefarious " [ to use the S.A. legal terminology ]..

    He took a half-mil US hit to his wallet and a black mark in his book [ 5 yr suspeneded ] for negligence.. i.e. failing to tell the authorities that the helo might have been potentially used for something other than rescuing sick folks..

    Does this mean that ol' Teddy Obiang over in Equitorial Guinea [ the boyo Mark was supposed to help get toppled ] is going to withdraw his civil suit and extradition request for Mark to come visit his penal/legal system?

    Can't wait to see him refused entry at US customs for being a ' convicted criminal '.. since they turn away anyone who was busted for smoking pot in the old days, if its still on the books..

  12. He is a Sir coz his dad, good old Denis, was made a Baronet rather than give Mummy, Maggie, a Peerage.

    Baronetcies are hereditary. Hence the arrogant sh1te has Sir in front of his name.
  13. Have to say that would really make me smile :D :D

    If he does get in then I will believe that 'strings' have been pulled.
  14. Perhaps we've got him all wrong. Perhaps he was doing it in the name of Imperial Glory.

    Perhaps he was rebuilding the great colonies of yesteryear? Starting with a fuzzy-wuzzy backwater.

    Perhaps he is just a pen!s. Suckling on Mother's breast.


  15. MT is a buffoon of a type reluctantly familiar to anyone who has spent a few miserable hours in an expensive bar in the Dark Continent or read any Waugh. Basically, he's Trimmer and Constantia in Cape Town is full of such professional twunts.

    Simon Mann wasn't one of them, unless you count hanging around with Jag driving ex-Cavs who speak Swedish.

    Sorting out ENG wouldn't be of but little import in the anus mundi that is most of sub-Saharan Africa.

    However, "The Boy" getting off wasn't a foregone conc. - it was entirely possible that he would get a huge stretch with all the thrills of the concomitant death sentence. Nice looking boy, the Bt, perhaps he would have died with the rictus smile on his fizzog that he so deserves - but it was not to be.

    Paint it fukcing black, gentlemen.