Mark of Cain

Was watching Hollyoaks on E4 last night, fell asleep and woke up many hours later..only to find the last 45 mins of the Mark of Cain on the tv...a film I vowed not to watch but ended up seeeing the final 45 my disgust.

Anyone seen this awful film, based 'loosly' on a true story?

To be honest Im ashamed that the army or MoD helped make the film...when I say that, I mean they must have helped in some form with uniform, intelligence, etc etc. The writer, producer must have had dealings with the military to get the basic plot.

This is just the type of file we DONT need. It also won a BAFTA.

I shall not resort to watching the film fully, Im just judging it on what I did see.
Is it even slightly possible that you searched for the numerous threads about this programme last time it was on?

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