Mark of Cain

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hugh_Jardon, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. On at 21:00 tonight, anyone going to watch? I've heard mixed reviews about it, sounds like it could be quite interesting... Or a completely biased 'squaddies are all scum' trashy 'drama'. Anyone?
  2. I'm deffo watching it!!!! no comment till i have seen it though, u never know ch4 might do us proud!!!!...LOL yeah right!
  3. Just watched it... very weil cast and acted, I have to say!

    Moral of story:

    1) Don't cheat on your bird, and if you do, don't leave incriminating pikkys on your mobile.

    2) If you kick the shi-ite out of some poor s0d, a) don't take trophy photos, and b) don't show them to aforementioned bird.

    Simple really!

    SLR (Not to be confused with SLR Boy).
  4. just watched it, and although i enjoyed it, it annoyed me at the same time....if thats possible!!!
  5. I'd like to know what the mothers and fathers of the kids whose bodies arrived home today thought of it as a statement about how the media view us and what we might be up to in the Gulf - never mind the day to day dangers that our troops face and the high risk of injury or death that has already killed and maimed hundreds.
  6. Good dramatisation, emphasis on the dramatisation! For instance, I have never in my entire army career heard of a Doctor like the one portrayed in ‘The Mark of Cain.’ It would be great if we could have some like that. Ours Dr’s just seem to throw the Pink Chits of laziness at everyone that requests a doctor’s appointment. Crazy!
  7. Can someone pls merge all these threads about this programme?

  8. Second that ,
    Squadie to MO "I have a broken toe nail"
    MO " Oh you had better have a fortnight on light duties then"

    P1sh taking gits CH4 that is .

    My bold
  9. Whilst I wasn't infantry and left 20 years ago I didn't recognise the army I was in as portrayed by this garbage.
  10. Very poor drama, technically, factually and artistically. Not worth the trees that died to print the hype.
  11. As mentioned in the other thread, very disappointed. Did not paint the army in a good light, and seamed sensationalist, but what do I know. :?
  12. I would like to meet the writer and director infact the head shed of channel four will do. Ive got a few words to say to them, Fcuking Stupd Cnuts,

    As if the lads aren't having a bad enough time over there without channel fcuking four turning the genral public against the army.
  13. Pile of sh1t! Not accurate at all, in fact they might aswell say to the public here you go hate the army and all soldiers and worship the piece of sh1t called the mirror. About as real as that anyway! Fcuk channel 4 they are now on the same level as "the scum".Talk about portraying us in a bad light! W@nkers.......

  14. I saw 5 minutes of it and had to turn off. Yet another stereotypical "squaddie drama" piece of crap. Why do they always trot out the same tired cliches? These writers don't seem to think we are human at all, they think that because we can march up and down in unison when called upon to do so, we're all automatons and unable to articulate facts and feeling to other people like 'wot normal people do'. It was about as convincing as the dialogue in Eastenders. "Oi...what's goin' on"?!!
  15. So, what have we learned today?
    All squaddies are torturing, evil, dumb-witted, cruel, weak idiots
    All NCO's are evil, conniving b@stards
    All officers are blind, ineffective cowards, unable to control their men and obsessed with saving face.

    What balls, I'll be wanting those two hours of my life back, please