Mark Of Cain Cancelled

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by brecon_billy, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. Channel 4 have rescheduled The Mark of Cain which was to be shown tonight at 2100 GMT. No doubt this is linked to the death of 4 British Soldiers and 1 Interperter today in Basrah.
  2. Postponed though, not cancelled..?
  3. Postponement until May 17 announced yesterday (Wed.) owing to then-sensitive Iran detainees situation. No cancellation, because too much money invested in it.

    The desperately sad thing is that had it gone out this evening, hours after such losses in Basra, there would not have been riots outside Ch. 4 HQ. Angry dissent would have been confined to ARRSE and the like.

    Some critics who've seen it say it's worth seeing. Time will tell . . .
  4. The fact it was cancelled because of the Iran issue is a trifle pathetic IMHO. To cancel it because of deaths in Iraq would be more understandable, but if it is a reasonable piece is it right to censor it?
  5. 1. Not pathetic in light of the atmosphere 36 hrs back, when the decision was made.

    2. It really would not have done to screen it on the day of the Basra killings, would it?

    3. It may be an OK piece - time will tell - and no-one, I think, is realistically considering censorship. After all, we're in Iraq partly to try and sow seeds of liberal democracy with freedom of expression. A sensible screening date is another matter.
  6. Are you tracking me caubeen?
  7. Monitoring, bbr's son. Just monitoring . . . . :lol:
  8. To those who are serving, Army Briefing Note (ABN) B33/07 has been released today regarding Mark Of Cain!

    It basically states: Neither the Chain of Command, nor the MoD participated in or sanctioned any of the content of the programme. The programme in its entirety was an independent undertaking by Channel 4.
  9. Just a random comment, but I've seen this...

    If you have Virgin Media cable TV, you can view it on that replay thingy. I watched it a few days ago... :?
  10. The DVD was released on Monday, obviously as the play was supposed to be shown on Thurs 5/4.

    It is now listed as being shown on Channel 4 tonight, 12/4 2100-2250. I suppose they want to get it on quick before the dvds get round and people can't be ar##d to watch it with ads.
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    spike7451 RIP

    It's still up on the Sky planner tho.Last time it was taken off ..