Mark Knopfler, Brothers in Arms - Falklands 25

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by JohnQ, May 23, 2007.

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  1. Just so as you're all aware guys; Mark Knopfler is releasing a new version of 'Brothers in Arms' next week It's renamed slightly too ' Brothers in Arms - 25' a reference to the 25th anniversary of the Falklands.

    All involved have given of their time and effort free and Mark Knopfler, his management team and Universal Music/Mercury Records have all forgone any claim on royalties. That means that around 70% of all sales will go directly into SAMA. The recoard will be mainly available on download sites because thats the way it works these days although a limited number of CD's are being made too.

    More importantly the funds are not just going into general funds but into a ringfenced pot which will pay for guys getting back 'Down South' to deal with the problems an awful lot of the lads have experienced. As you'll know; the suicides now outnumber the battle casualties but of those who have been back to the Islands there are no known suicides.

    The cover has been designed by Dean Regan, himself a veteran

    The single is available through iTunes and the other download site as from Tuesday 29th May.

    Pass this buzz around if you will, the end result is important.

  2. What an outstanding gesture, I'll post this on the ex airborne forces site.
  3. Great idea and good post.

    Hadn't even heard of this but will certainly publicise and get a copy for the MP3/phone.
  4. This tune gets played a fair bit on the jukebox in the Traf in Aldershot.
  5. Absolutely! I've posted this on Rear Party and Rum Ration.
  6. Pat on the back to Mark and his team. As has been said, an excellent gesture.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Good drills. Mr Knopfler, you are a scholar and a gentleman!
  8. Superb effort Mr Knopfler.

    I tip my hat to you!
  9. JohnQ :thumleft:

  10. Just a quick question! do you know if Apple are also, passing on the royalties if you get it on itunes?

  11. Up to now they have agreed a reduced percentage but they are looking again at this now. what started out as a fairly small project has snowballed hugely. There's even a major press conference on Tuesday in london complete with the organisers from SAMA and Ross Kemp along with a couple of other actors who have been pulling strings. MK can't be there on Tuesday because he's recording an album and its been arranged for a couple of years.

    Should be fairly big news next week, lets hope so; the bottom line is there is a very good reason for this.
  12. Beautiful song, will certainly be buying this.
  13. Great and im sure that Apple will have its finger of the pulse of how poplur it would be to allow the maximum revene be passed to the charity and im also sure that if need be ARRSE's will and any support in aiding this encouragement.
  14. Not doubting your source but Ross Kemp is in Afghanistan for several weeks so London seems to be a non show for him.

    Hopefully some others with high profiles will be in attendance.