Mark Holman Smith KIA Falklands


Hi all, i am trying to locate a photograph of Mark Holman Smith he was killed serving with 2 Para during the Falklands War, i am trying to sort out a tribute to all the lads from 2 para, i have in touch with 2 para and got photos of all other ranks and attachments, but not Mark Holman Smith, he was with the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion at Shornecliffe before he went to 2 para. After the Falklands War finished the IJLB produced a special issue journal that summer showing all the ex juniors that fell or had earned decorations. I have been in touch with them but as yet heard nothing, i have tried the papers but they do not want to know,
did anyone go through juniors with this man, or do they still have this journal.
i would be very grateful for any help
please get the last man on parade.
bye for now jimmy
ps i have all para rgt sites and ex para rgt, they have all been very helpful

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