Mark Etherington on BBC24 Hardtalk yesterday

Did anyone else see this last night?

Sorry , it may just be me , but he came across as hesitant to level any criticism at anyone, in spite of the fact he was the author of "Revolt on the Tigris" and has some strong things to say about what happened. Stephen Saceur repeatedly fed him things he had said for comment, and he repeatedly seemed to side-step them.

I was left a bit confused by that interview.

Anyone else see it?
Did anyone here work under Mark in that area at the time? He really doesn't strike me, from what I've read of him as being indecisive and a smoke and mirrors man. Especially as it was a golden opportunity to push "Revolt on the Tigris"
I've just did a bit of digging on the net and I think Mr Etherington was my first Plt Cmd in 1 Para...........I need a piccie to confirm but the blurb on him from one site refers to people I knew at the time. Wonder if he still remembers stabbing an NCO in with a ski pole in Norway.

He was OK actually

Edited; Cracking story , but we'd probably catch hell for it :D PTP

Further amendments after being reminded by the person who was stabbed......!!

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