Mark Bridger convicted

If and I don't believe it for a minute, he has amnesia over the location of the body then he should undergo hypnotic regression to 'remember' what he did with the poor child.

Don't suppose we'd get away with a couple of squaddies with plyers and a blowlamp would we ...
I'd be surprised if the jury had time for a quick fag break.


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Hopefully he will tell where she is now so that the family can bury her and grieve.
or he will use it to try and barter for a better deal.


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It's probably been mentioned on here already but it bears repeating; this creature had ZERO connection with the armed forces.
he's not ord sgt then?
Hopefully he will tell where she is now so that the family can bury her and grieve.
Considering the 'experts' said in all likelyness the piece of skull fragment found was human, her blood was found in the cottage and he was also an experienced abbatoir worker, it's possible that there's nothing left to find

Nasty dirty paedo scumbag


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Even better - a whole life term. He will never get out, except in a box. I do hope that his life is made a complete misery when he is inside.

As a complete scumbag, he has set the standard. A paedophile, child murderer, and has tortured the family with his horrible hypocrisy by not telling what happened to poor April.
Just breaking on Sky: Whole life term
Mark Bridger: The Man With Two Lives
What's the cnut doing with an LSW on the sky news site ?
Probably more than most posters on here.

I can see him doing a deal over the body though, I would be surprised if he ends up on the list of whole life tariffs, especially considering his body count is the grand total of one. He's in for a long stretch and I doubt' theyll let him out without a body which puts the ball firmly in his court.
Had they not found him guilty I would contest the Jury couldn't understand English, and perhaps the judicial service had dredged the gene pool for Jury service.
Life in a VP wing for him hopefully will go insane or die of a prolapsed arse after being bummed to death. Normally one for cracking sick jokes about stuff like this for once totally shocked about the disapearance.
He's guilty?

There's a surprise.

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