Mark 7 helmet issue.Afganistan.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bamber(Phil), Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. Just reading the Official British Army site today and had a read up on the new Armour.It, says 10,000 new mark 7 helmets have been ordered....fair enough,but,there,s nearly 10,000 blokes out in they hand the helmets in at the end of the tour and replacement Bns. get issued a helmet that has been sweated into for 6 months?
    10,000 doesn,t seem enough to me!
  2. I for one quite like other mens sweaty helmets. I think they're good.
  3. I imagine everyone will get their own helmet, but priority of course to those currently in theatre.
  4. When Our Bn went to W.Belfast in Nov.1986,We took our own Mk 6 bowlers over with us from Minden,but got issued INIBA jackets at Fort White Rock.....they stunk....mind you,we did get them from 45 Commando...says it all really!!! :(
  5. i got issued a mk7 around november time

    we got fked over though, as we were the southeren most PB in musa qala so hardly any supplies compared to everyone

    there wasn't enough for everyone but about 90% of the coy got issued one

    all the other fob's and pb's i went to, they all had the mk7

    fair enough theyre shipping 10k out, but who the hell is bastion needs 1 really?? a mk6 is sufficient for a remf.
  6. I agree,the best kit should go out to the lads on the ground as a prioriy.Mk6,s are fine for hiding under armoured vehicles in Bastion.
  7. it pissed us off to see remf's who never left fob xxx, cuttin round in the new helmet and osprey covers months before we ever seen them

    and we were frontline infantry, and the excuse we got was we're not priority because we were armoured

    fair enough armoured but we were doing a light role job, holding ground and going out on foot

    and when we did finally see them there was about 30 odd new osprey covers sent to us, (which still use the same plate and filler????!!) and not enough helmets

    hopefully things will change for other units!!
  8. Are you trying to set a record for the highest number of clichés and urban myths in the shortest number of words :wink:
  9. He is welsh after all, in fairness his gripes are justified
  10. The Mk 7 will go to all that need in on ops and hold the fort until PECOC development and procurement concludes.
  11. How do you judge a REMF though? Plenty of people who work out of bastion can very quickly find themselves in a vehicle and outside the wire doing any number of tasks.