Mariusz Pudzianowski worlds strongest man to MMA

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Howler, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. Surprised there hasn't been a thread already on this, 5 times world's strongest man and an impressive MMA debut.

    He's the main sporting subject of conversation in Poland, but could he go to the top? I'd be interested to hear peoples' opinions who are better qualified than me to debate it.

    I don't think it's another 'freak show', this bloke is serious and has a boxing and martial arts background as well as being a champion street fighter and all round f@cking hard bloke.

    As I said, interested to hear opinions.
  2. Fcuk me, he's nails. Lesner better watch the fcuk out! 8O
  3. As this is the internet............... I'd ave him anytime!

    He cannot trace me can he :oops:
  4. I heard a rumour that Pudzianowski served with Polish SF before his Strongman career. Anyone confirm?
  5. His training videos aren't terribly impressive tbh. But he seemed to kick like a genetifcally modified super mule during his debut bout. There is some talk that he doesn't have a huge gas tank and all those muscles mean that his oxygen intake will be enormous and thus he can't go the distance.

    I'm not sure though. The strongmen competition seem pretty arduous to me.
  6. Tremendous strength and plenty of aggression. His technique did'nt look very good though. The bloke he was fighting clearly did'nt want to know after the first Thai Kick went in. How Pud will do against better opposition is another matter.

    As someone else pointed out, huge muscles mean you gas faster. If Pud fights someone good enough to take him into the later rounds of a contest, he's going to have real problems.

    Having said all that - I don't want to fight him! :D
  7. msr

    msr LE

    For a drug abusing ex-convict?

    I'm not.
  8. A low kick, even a terrible one like that, must hurt from someone with such hips and thighs.

    Still, swinging for the fences.
  9. "The World's Strongest Man" has always been a bit more than that. Nobody wants to watch a powerlifting contest, so most of the events favour those with power as well as strength. That bloke from Northern Ireland, Glen Ross, was probably one of the strongest ever.....funny how loads of the events involved moving about, to his disadvantage. Pudzianowski is incredibly powerful and "springy" - he's not just a big lump. I would guess the oxygen consumption involved in bouts will be way less than most of the events he's good at. It'll be interesting to see what happens when opponents try to put locks and holds on somebody that strong.
  10. LOL @ an impressive mma debut it was dog shit and he isn't the worlds strongest man.

    He has ZERO mma skills he should def stick to strongman competitions.

    He gave up boxing as he didnt like being punched in the face lets see how he likes getting elbows reigned in on him and since when was he a "champion street fighter"

    I actually like him as a strongman but as an mma figher not a chance.
  11. My wife would kill him, all right kicks and bloody low, anyone that can give a good punch will take the shin pain but give him the KTFO experience!!
  12. Mauriusz Pudzianowski - Poland

    What is your greatest strongman achievement?
    5 times WSM winner

    General stats:
    Leg press max weight: Over a ton
    Bench press max weight: 280 kg
    Squat max: 380 kg
    Dead lift max: 420 kg

    If he isnt worlds strongest man, who is ?

    Is this not the 'official' worlds strongest man ?
  13. Žydrūnas Savickas
  14. Ah i see, is it yet to be broadcast on TV or have i missed it ?
  15. Can anybody tell me what skill was on display there? I couldnt see any, looked like a bar brawl.