Marion Le Pen joins the Reserves

La Réserve, that is:

Thread to recommend specific trades and capbadges to the young Marion. Also, share some sagesse to guide the young troupeuse through the murky world of armed service.
She's got strange eyes.Maybe she's been training for the 1,000 yard stare?



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Perhaps the Nottingham Signal Tp could take her - the Tp sigil is Robin Hood, and I'm sure Marianne would fit in....

Or anyone who has previously been equiped with Archer.

She could even join the AAC, but she could only work on one side of the A/C - just the Right Wing, thanks...

Coat, Taxi, how kind....
Je suis le 3eme garcon sur la balcon?


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Book Reviewer
Follow her old man into the FFL ?

After receiving his law diploma, he enlisted in the army in the Foreign Legion. He arrived in Indochina after the 1954 battle of Dien Bien Phu,[7] which had been lost by France and which prompted prime minister Pierre Mendès France to put an end to the war at the Geneva Conference. Le Pen was then sent to Suez in 1956, but arrived only after the cease-fire​
Must've been a bugger to keep arriving just after the cease-fire.

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