Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Armed_and_dangerous, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. does anybody , think its actually a good idea/ possible to go from civvy street straight into a royal marines commando training course
  2. Yes, most potential booties have no previous military experience, and join straight from civvy street.
  3. thanks, 1 more thing ive read into it, and i know you would go into a commando training course, with reasonable fitness, but do you have to be superman on entry, or will they improve your fitness.
  4. You dont want to be superman mate...

    he was in a f ucking wheelchair, and that would make regains a tad clumsy.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Now there was justice, michael jackson aquitted of being a kiddie diddler whilst christopher reeves got the electric chair for riding a horse!
  6. If you join straight away then you will have to put up with booty-issue ballgowns and lingerie. If you transfer in and do the all-arms course then you will have had the opportunity to sort out your own girlie kit for yourself.

    Apparently RM-issue stuff is all Ann Summers cast-offs, chafes on the old you-know-whats. OTOH, the SBS wear Janet Reger. Who have their own concession in the NAAFI at Poole.
  7. the Booties i've come across ...(pardon the pun) seem to prefer Playtex. i did hear a few mutterings about more foundation support ! Whatever that means
  8. so all of the 'BOOTIES' you've 'COME across' prefer playtex..............
    personally i wouldnt know but you obviously speak from experience
  9. I bet you are only 14........
  10. Most sensible blokes motivate themselves and train for lympstone, if you just turned up its do-able but why see yourself off, you'll be with monsters who are fit as feck

    But it is apparently progressive development of fitness they are looking for. They don't intend to break you in the first week

    I knocked my job on the head and took six months just training and taking it easy before I went in.

    But you don't have to be a supper hero on entry, just when you pass out!!

  11. 14 and a half actually, you t*sser
  12. Supermen in the Booties!! haha, everyone knows the super dupers are medics, we wear Agent Provocateur!!
  13. Should your avatar not read 'NAVY be all you're told to be'?

    Found the golden rivet yet?
  14. yeah it probably should. just about the only thing the navy has got going for it is the Royal marines
  15. Nice nomenclature. I think you'll find the "navy" is the Royal Navy and what's wrong with the m of Marines.