Marines tache growing contest.

Ah My memories of my frst tour tache competition. I was only slightly less hairy than the last pic.

Now i am truly manly and can produce a Goatee that an east german female wrestler would be proud of.
Thats a proper bit of skin, does his mum know he joined up. LOL

Best recent op gringos seen were in the book "3 Para" some hoofing gringoes going on
K coy 42 Cdo lounging half naked round a hotel pool in Dakar sporting pussers tans and borrowed/bartered flip flops is wot a gay disco looks like

Apparently RAF types don't like gay discos....................fecking beefers
rebel_with_a_cause said:
Duffdike please enlighten us Oh Wise One what did one of those look like?
I was very partial to 1980s gay discos as you can imagine. It is actually a quote from a very good book. Not that anyone would have read it of course. Feck me no. Reading..................

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