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Much to the disgust of his ex-Para godfather, my eldest has decided he wants to join the Marines. He's just got through the initial tests and been invited for an interview at the end of this month. He's well-prepared for all the questions about how the Marines work, their history etc, and I've also told him to prepare for the inevitable questions on why he wants to join. Can anyone give me any pointers as to what other topics are likely to come up?
A helpful site is

There is a lot of info on prep, prejoining stuff and what goes on when you get in. Plenty of input from sprogs who are in/have just gone through the process

All the best to him he's made the right choice!!!!!!!!!!!!lol

I'll have a quick scoot and see if I can dig out any specific threads
Christ on a bike if the info on that site gets any more specific you'll be able to get a green hat via distance learning

In the good old days.....................You turned up, cuffed it and expected the worst and that unfortunately is what normally

God bless the WWW

Right thats my lot I'm off to bed

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