Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by shev, May 27, 2012.

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  1. Bit of a late joiner (28) but did a bit of TA many moons ago.
    Passed my PRMC with the Royal Marines last Christmas but held off on accepting a join date due to some personal issues.

    Friend of mine however is in 2 Rifles and is joining 1 Rifles to have a chip at the Commando Course.
    So its decision time for me as we have a 3rd child on the way with 2 getting ready to start school so its time to put roots down!

    Got some questions though!

    1 - In the marines, I am assuming because of my age I shouldnt aspire to any notions of reaching senior rank?
    2 - In both marines and rifles I am assuming ill spend a lot of time away? (not an issue, just need to at least prepare my other half for this)
    3 - Is it true marines move every 2 years ? (draft I think) Surely that wouldnt be great with a young family?

    Cheers all, funny site, been reading it for years but had nothing of interest to post until now (if you can call my post 'interesting' :) )

  2. So your how old?
    Putting a smiley along does not help!
  3. There has been loads of old Royals I had a Troop Sergeant, B***Y B****R that didn't join til he was 28 and he had wife and 3 kids. They, whoever they are reckon you get promoted quicker if you join older as you are more responsible and have seen a bit of life. Converts always make the strictest fundamentalists.

    Yeah the Rifles now have a Commando unit but why join them wanting to play Royal when you can just be Royal. If you do't fancy wrecking yourself and living in hedges after Lympstone then put in for Landing Craft ( The only true RM specialisation).
    Moving every 2 years is nice anyway,you can stay at same place as some of the more idle trades do but **** it , after spending 2 years with the same blokes you will prob want to go somewhere else .
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  4. Ref RM;
    1. Your age could be to your advantage.
    2. Be prepared for time away who ever you join.
    3. The "trickle draft" is in place but may not be every 2 years, depending on where you are required.

    If you want to gain the CGB then you should go RM as there is currently no requirement for 1 Rifles to do the AACC as of yet, therefore no guarantee of you getting loaded on a course.
    If the plans for 45 Cdo RM to move south go ahead, it is worth bearing in mind that only one "draft" will remain up north, so you could settle your family down south and be able to commute if drafted.

    Hope this helps, sorry I can't comment on the Rifles side of things.
  5. Can you still get stiffed as a GD bootie and end up as a cook/chef/slopus jockus for two years?
  6. Rifles Commando Unit? or light Infantry Battalion (with some Commando trained ranks)? And I'm not going to comment on the LC/DC thing;-P
  7. Natostandard123
    Can do, however there is normally a reason for it:)
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  8. HHH

    HHH LE

    If you type the number eight followed by close brackets it will change into that smiley.
  9. I'm not that current, I came out 10 years ago now. When I did pass out (98 ) guys were putting down the Commando units as their three choices and getting Signals, Clerks and anything else that needed warm bodies. I put Landing Craft and got laughed at . 3 months later when i was at Comacchio, I ended up having a chat with one of the Raider cox'ns and he got the course straight after Lympstone.
  10. I didnt type that smiley face ? I meant 98
  11. 'Clerk' it is then......
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  12. Just done the same thing . Lol Rofl Lmao psml, coffee on screen etc
  13. Lot of colourful types in the Corps. Knew a Lance Jack with a Masters and shared a flat with a lad who had been some sort of scientest but binned it off to join. I personally believe that joining the Royal Marines, and Para Reg remains as something that is looked on as a personal challenge and not just a means to an end.

    Yes, expect to be away, a lot! Afghanistan aside (where you will have a decent opportunity to have a decent tear up if you get your skates on :) ) if you can handle Jamaica, Norway, Brunei, ect ect with plenty of down time then you'll be fine.

    The Royal Marines is a family, a big family and looks after its own, 45 Cdo is a perfect example, remote, freezing and a shit hole but the esprit de Corps and family spirit there is quite unique (well it was mid nineties)..
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  14. Ha ha yes I meant '28'!
    Some good feedback thanks, lots to think about!