Marines recapture a vessel seized by Somali Pirates

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ruckerwocman, Sep 9, 2010.

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  1. BBC News - US Marines capture ship hijacked by pirates off Somalia

    Something tells me these fucktards are in the wrong line of work. :-D

  2. crews on hoilday classic.
    crew safe in safe room no hostages letting uncle sams misguided children do what they do best
  3. Well done the US Marines/Navy. Now shoot your prisoners and take the rest of the day off.
  4. Fantastic - Sounds a bit Monty Python to me :)
  5. Now now. the USMC and USN shouldn't be fingered for crimes the US Army commit.
  6. If you will forgive me for a moment I will express my pride in my old unit that apparently conducted the take-down. However, THEY really do need to get some of those little automatic black bars from THEM that cover their eyes whenever a camera is pointed in their direction.:)


    Pirates Beware: Force Recon Really Does Have Your Number | USNI Blog

    Semper Fi Marines!

    P.S. I thought we had some hefty lads in my day but look at the fellow on the far left and the 3rd from the right. Geez.
  7. JJH,

    Why would they need the little black strips. They all have issue oakleys for just such a purpose but some of them forgot to wear them. Its not the equipment, its the user!

    I suspect a few of them may have failed to make the draft for pro-football and chose the patriotic alternative!
  8. Well done them lads !!

    But they did drop the ball by taking prisoners. Better to shoot them or see how well they can swim. Probably swim like 'Eric the Eel' !

  9. That bloke third from right looks just like an American Captain I served with who was training for Ranger School. Cant be him though because that lot are USMC. I guess its true all foriegners really do look the same!

    By the way, in case anyone construes my comments as negative, GOOD JOB WELL DONE to the USMC!
  10. JJH, in your day they were Barbary pirates, not Somali pirates.:)
  11. BZ USS Dubuque and the USMC. I'd loved to have seen the expressions on the faces of those drugged-up pirates when they realised they had no human shields to hide behind as that lovely grey warship hove over the horizon.

    As I've posted elsewhere, the LPD USS Dubuque belongs to the US Fifth Fleet. The Fifth Fleet's Deputy Cdr Combined Maritime Forces is Cdre Tim Fraser RN who is also the UK Maritime Component Commander (UKMCC). Here's a photo showing the UKMCC staff at CENTCOM HQ in Bahrain (lots of 'dessies' but not a pongo among them):


  12. Is that an intentional pun? If it is, I saw what you did there.;

    edited to add; Well done the USN and the USMC.
  13. Finally someones showing some comitment! It's convenient off course that there were effectively no hostages, but nonetheless. Well done USMC and USN.

    Perhaps not shooting the pirates is actually quite smart: Now the pirates, when they're released will tell the story ashore: Some huge Marines looking like well armed American Football players stormed the ship and kicked us off!
    Remember there are few Somali pirates who get to see the Nine o' clock News. They need word of mouth.
  14. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    The key to this is that the original crew had managed to lock themselves away into a safe compartment. That's what gives friendly forces freedom of action. If the crew don't achieve this they become hostages and human shields and offensive action of any sort is instantly off the menu.
  15. As a further measure of the UK's high-level involvement in this area, the Operation Commander of the entire European Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) Somalia engaged in Operation ATALANTA is Major General Buster Howes OBE RM. He relieved Rear Admiral Peter Hudson CBE RN in June (link).