Marines over Army - pros/cons

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Fezzick, Jun 8, 2010.

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  1. Now as some of you might know I'm thinking very seriously about joining the forces. I've decided I'm not going for RAF (quit the ATC to join ACF) or the Navy, which leaves the army or the royal marines. Unfortunatly, everywhere I look I get different views on it. Obviously there's a bit of a problem posting this on an army forum but I'm hoping to get a fairly unbiased response.

    So here's the situation. I'm hoping to join as an officer, and I have the physical levels for paras (which would be my army first choice) or anyone else as far as I know. With that in mind, can you give me the difference between the two, both in actually getting in (although I will try the other if the one rejects me for almost any reason) and in life once you get there?

    Thanks in advance
  2. excellent, one of these threads. Its been a while

    Try the meet and greets from any organisation you're interested in
  3. I thought about that, but problem is if I ask anyone directly interested in recruiting then I'll get a really skewed picture. I actually want to know more about what it's like after you get in and have to live with it which they probably won't be so accurate on.

  4. You said you don't want to join the Navy, the Royal Marines are the Royal Navy? 8O
  5. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

  6. I meant ships and submarines and stuff. And IIRC Royal Navy is people flying white ensigns only; marines are part of the Naval Service which includes RN and the RFA

    Not quite - you then end up being a sapper officer doing sapper-ish stuff in the vicinity of 3 Cdo Bde. Whatever I join I want to do the infantry sort of work a lot more: plus I'm not exactly a maths genius so making a career out of engineering may not be that good a plan.
  7. Why Dont you join the royal engineers then do the commando course ?? Problem solved
  8. Fezzick, what do you want to achieve by serving in any service?
  9. Don't count your chicks before they hatch, only they can tell you that, although I'm sure you meant to say that you meet the entry requirements. And there is a difference believe me. You should try a look at life course which both of them do respectively. Only then you can get an insight into the core of each force and determine which would suit you best.

    Both are very good at what they do. I think it comes down to whether you prefer being thrown out of a C-130 or dashing through the shoreline off an LCVP. I also think there's one fundamental difference between the two. PARA = aggressiveness, RMC = determination. The one which suits your character should be the best option.

    Best of luck
  10. Yeah - I can do the mile and a half within ten seconds either way of nine minutes (depends on the day, weather etc) and I can do 70 push-ups/sit ups without too much bother. Also do ten pull-ups. I take it you mean the difference is whether you will be allowed into training (the requirements) versus whether you can get through it?

    No preference. Although paratroopers don't tend to do much of that nowadays but I think there'll always be a market for running off boats.

    Thanks, really useful. I'm known as a fairly determined person so I'll probably swing that way.


    I want to make a career out of it: get a job that I can be proud to say I have and one where the work's stretching but not cooped up in an office (although I'm told you can't dodge that completely), see the world and hopefully have a pretty good time in the process. I'm also pretty keen on the whole 'serving my country' business.
  11. Run time for the paras is under 9:18 not sure about marines
  12. I saw it as 10:30, can't remember where.

    I can get under 9:18 on a pretty bad day, I would probably have to be injured/running up a hill all the way to fail that.
  13. you have to have controlled agression & determination to be any infantry soldier in the british army. the question is do you wanna go for 6 mile runs all the time in the paras or sweap for mines in the royal marines? i dont care where your from if you pass infantry training it doesnt matter what regiment or corps you go in you will be proud to represent it & say thats my fuckin unit.
    what do you think your'll enjoy more?
  14. What I mean is that I pissed on the entry requirements but doing phys with the PARAs pissed on me. You might get through selection for the Army, and in that case you should do well, but that's nothing compared to what the PARAS will require from you.

    Both Paras and Cdos have just about the same level fitness entry requirements.